Family photo without kids - dog on lap

Family Photos Without Kids – At Least Human Kids, That Is

September 9, 2023

Family photo without kids - dog on lap

If you search anything about family photos, you’ll stumble upon countless images, advice, and techniques, the majority of which revolve around photos with children. But what about family photos without kids? It might leave you wondering, “Are family photos exclusively for those with children?”

My answer is a resounding “No.” Capturing moments for your family doesn’t mean your family must adhere to the traditional setup of two parents and children.

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Why I Label All My Sessions ‘Family,’ and I don’t offer ‘Couple Sessions’

Couple photography vs. family photography can be a blurry distinction for many. However, when diving into family photos without kids, for me, the difference becomes clearer. When I think of couple photography, my mind jumps to intimate and passionate imagery, often capturing an engagement or a significant relationship milestone. Butt grabs, kissing in the rain – Some photographers kill this.

While that’s great, my brand focuses on the bigger picture.

My approach prioritizes celebrating your life beyond just the two of you (or you solo). It emphasizes the bond you share with your pets, partner, friends, grandparents and even the natural world around you. I look at the relationships you hold without confining them to labels and let the photography do the storytelling. So, bottom line? Family photos without kids can pack just as much heart and soul.

For this reason, you’ll see that I use the term “family” as an umbrella for nearly everything I do. If labeling newborn sessions as such was more universally accepted, trust me, I’d be the first. My newborn sessions are always about the entire family unit. Curious about them? Dive deeper here.

Spokane family photography with dogs at home

You Don’t Need Children to Be Considered a Family

There are various reasons some people don’t have kids – by choice or circumstance. Regardless, it doesn’t diminish your status as a family or your eligibility for family photography. I adore photographing families with children, embracing all the chaos and joy they bring. Yet, I’ve also had the privilege of capturing countless families in all configurations sans children. Every family’s story is worth narrating, whether children are in your current story or not.

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Dogs: More Than Just Pets, They’re Family

Do you see your four-legged family member as such – A family member and not a family pet?  Me too, friend.

Pack up your dog and bring them to your photo shoot.  As a Spokane family photographer, many of my sessions have included dogs and their humans.  Photos with your pup can be held intimately at home where your pal is feels safe or adventures to the coast. Check out this past session at Cannon Beach and Oswald State Park.

The options are endless when bringing your dogs along, and I love helping people craft sessions to highlight our unique relationship with our furry friends.

Family Photos at River with dog

What to Expect at Family Photos Without Kids

Family sessions without children are treated exactly the same as families with many little feet. We kick things off by selecting the ideal setting that resonates with your family’s vibe. Whether it’s the comfort of your home or an adventurous locale, the chosen venue becomes the canvas for your story.

And don’t come expecting meticulously staged shots. Even with adults, my style remains spontaneous, candid, sometimes whimsical, but always zeroed in on genuine emotion and connection. Whether it’s family photos without children or a bustling household of kids, every session holds space for you to show up.

If you’ve ever wondered where you fit into the realm of family photography, here’s your answer: Right here. Your story, unique and amazing, awaits its moment in the spotlight.

For a deeper dive into the versatility of my family sessions, head to my portfolio and check out the diverse tales each session unfolds.

Life’s biggest adventures in modern photos co-crafted with you. Spokane Photographer | Serving the Pacific Northwest

Life’s biggest adventures in modern photos co-crafted with you. Spokane Photographer | Serving the Pacific Northwest

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