Haystack Rock Family Photography Oregon Coast

Oregon Coast Family Photography | Destination Photography

August 8, 2021

Haystack Rock Family Photography Oregon Coast

I’m sure you’ve seen destination weddings and elopements. There is a booming trend of people forgoing the typically packed venue for an unscripted intimate destination wedding in nature. Did you know, though, that destination photography is NOT just for weddings? Families are getting involved too. This Oregon Coast Family Photography session took place while this sweet group vacationed from Spokane, WA.

First, take a peek at what a look at destination family photography on the Oregon Coast looks like in these captured moments. Second, go on and soak up all the sweet puppy goodness and ocean views. Notorious, and Shady made this a shoot I’ll never forget.

Cannon Beach, Oregon and Haystack Rock

What’s a trip to the Oregon Coast with stopping at the iconic Haystack Rock. If I had to pick the most recognized spot on the coast, it’s probably Haystack. This dog-friendly, gorgeous beach does get busy, so it’s always best to hit this spot on the weekdays. I feel like most Oregon Coast Family Photography sessions should at some point include this spot.

Cannon Beach Photographer

Pro Tip: Don’t worry if you get to this spot and the crowds leave you feeling defeated.

The best part about hiring a family photographer who is used to packed beaches is that we know a few tricks for removing the crowds. Therefore you can stroll with your kids, partner, or pups and know we will still nail an epic pick for the wall.

Cannon Beach Haystack Rock Black and White

Less Known Photography Spots on the Oregon Coast

While I’m always down for grabbing the classic shots on the Oregon Coast, I also love recommending a few less photographed spots to get families away from the crowds. This particular beach was empty when we showed up and made for a beautiful time exploring and let these pups do their thing.

I love the contrast of showing the popular spots that you could put on a postcard and the sleepy beaches that let your family do life together. That’s why I’m often down to split our session in half to capture both of these vibes.

Destination Family Photography Oregon Coast
Ecola State Park Photography

Family Photography that is for ALL families

If you’re new to my blog, first, Hello! Second, let me tell you that “family photography” is my way of saying a style of photography that captures what YOU connect most within your life. To elaborate, that could be your two pups, spouse and children, grandparents, best friend, or anything in between. When I say family, I’m mean ALL combinations of those and what you love.

Haystack Rock Cannon Beach Photography

Destination Family Photography can be accessible to everyone. Hop on my monthly newsletter to get advance notice of when I’m traveling and where I’m headed. Even better, drop me a note here! I’d love to chat about your next vacation and how to make a family photography session a part of that trip.

Cheers and safe travels!

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