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Spokane Personal Brand Photographer

Bridge the gap between what you do and how it’s presented with modern personal brand photography. I mix my business analyst background with modern, engaging photos to help you boost online engagement, drive traffic, increase conversions, and establish a reputation. 

Lifting entrepreneurs up with strategic brand photos

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New images certainly contribute to confidence as an entrepreneur. And I’ll do my part in making sure that you feel fully capable showing up as the face of your brand. Let’s make others want to be involved with what you, yes you are as a person, are doing!

Confidence in showcasing your brand

Photos that get you where you want to go

Photos are the key visual component in driving engagement — be it on your website, social media, or even videos (you know those videos need photo covers). So let’s take photos that will make a difference — transforming what you do into a click-worthy photo that will get customers into your inbox.

Guidance on putting your images to work

I’m not about to just hand over a cool collection of images and wish you luck. On the contrary, I’ll guide you on putting those images into use. We even can take it a step further with a cohesive marketing strategy, available in my small business photography membership.

Serving you so you can serve more of your people

Personal Brand Photography

“I cannot sing enough high praises for MaryBeth and her work! We worked together on branding photos for my business and she totally blew it out of the water. She helped me decide on clothes and was open and receptive to any and all questions and concerns that I had. The shoots were casual and fun, making the pictures feel authentic and on brand. I was never over posed or felt stuffy. The images themselves were beautiful and had a soft and airy feel to them. She also provided great additional shots for me to use on my website and marketing that did not include me in them but had my papers/computer/planner in them, which was really nice to have. Do yourself, and your business, a favor and hire MaryBeth to capture your brand!

Laura N.


Serving the Inland NW

Personal Brand Photography

+ On-location headshot setup
+ Up to 4 looks
+ Advanced retouching on 4 images
+ Online gallery with approximately 15 edited images

A great headshot is like a great handshake. You only get one shot at a first impression with your ideal client. What do you want it to say?


Spokane Headshots

$375 +Tax

Studio space available for $125 and can accommodate teams of up to 10 people


On site and on brand

+ 2 hours of shoot time
+ Planning meeting
+ Up to 75 edited digital files for download
+ 4 retouched headshots
+ Online gallery for downloading

Branding sessions include everything from impactful headshots, process photos, product images, and more. You’ll end up with a set of fully customized, on-brand images that tell the story of your business. This is ideal for website refreshes, social media content, and client-facing marketing materials.

Branding Session

$650 + tax

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Small business photos

Spokane Commercial photographer

+ 30 minute sessions
+ Up to 30 edited digital files for download
+ 2 retouched headshots
+ Online gallery for downloading

Not ready for a full session? This mini branding session will get you started with a handful of images for your brand. 

Mini Studio Branding Session

$300 + tax

Offered 4x a year, in studio

Email for current dates and times for mini branding days

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for photographers and other heart-led, service industry small businesses.

In search of more support?

+ Free Resources 
+ SEO Support
+ 1:1 Meetings
+ Business Reviews

Small Business Consulting and Education

I can promise you’ll never run out of places to use the photos from your brand shoot. Websites, social media, brochures, launches, ads — let’s identify where your brand needs the most support and plan a shoot from there. 

Brand Photo shoot

Tell a story your audience will want to be a part of. Behind-the-scenes photos immerse and engage potential clients, inviting them into an experience with your brand that will have them coming back for more.

Creative Process

Elevate your professional presence with a modern, polished headshot. You’ll receive a handful of sleek images to rotate on LinkedIn, email footers and business cards.


Have you ever walked into a cafe and fallen in love? The sight of croissant-filled displays and aprons covered in flour make you want to stop by every single day. Not all small businesses have this brick-and-mortar opportunity to immerse customers and inspire loyalty. Photos make up the difference — telling the story and inviting customers to book online orders, leave reviews, share your social media posts and act as a free and generous ambassador for your brand. 

Create an impression with versatile photos that do the talking for you

Types of Brand Photos

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What Brands Are Saying

Personal Brand Photography

MaryBeth is amazing! I am a small business owner living in Spokane and she took incredible branding photos of me with my dog Finn. Even though dogs have nothing to do with my business, Finn is part of my brand and he loves to join me on client meetings! Having Finn be part of the shoot made me feel way more comfortable and I truly had fun with him. The photos turned out so natural and real, you could see my genuine smile! The photos have already had an impact on my social media pages. I loved working with MaryBeth and already have another branding session booked with her for the fall!


As you update your website and put new content on social media, reach out for support. I want you to know exactly how to use your photos to get the best ROI.

Get the support you need

2-4 weeks after the session, you’ll receive your cohesive collection of brand photos with both full size and web size resolutions— ready to be plugged into any and every platform.

Receive your brand photos

My brand photoshoots are all hands on deck. You and I will meet at a location that makes sense for your business and any team members involved in the process on your end should be there too (that includes your dog). Throw off your shoes or keep them on if that’s the vibe we’re going for. I’ll guide you through honest and stand-out photos.

Collaborate and be real

I spent 15 years as a business analyst, helping with small businesses and large. I know your business likely has a few ins and outs I need to wrap my head around before I know what kind of photos you need. So we’ll start with a strategy session and then I’ll recommend the specific elements your brand photoshoot will benefit from (location, outfits, props, etc.).

Strategize and create a custom plan

Book your package with a simple contract and retainer so we can get down to business.

Select your package

I call my personal brand photography custom solutions because that’s exactly what it is. Whether you’re looking to book more clients, connect more with your audience, or maybe do all of the above — we’ll create a custom photography plan for your needs.

Drop me a line

Personal Brand Photography Process

Here’s the plan


I can name about 75 places. Your website and social media are just the start.

Don’t forget proposals, brochures, ads and essentially every single printed or digital representation of your business. Even the photos you use between Instagram and LinkedIn will vary tremendously, which is why it’s so helpful to take brand photos that work in every scenario. (That’s what my brand photoshoot package is for!) 

01. Where will I really use my brand photos?

I can name about 75 places. Your website and social media are just the start. Don’t forget proposals, brochures, ads and essentially every single printed or digital representation of your business. Even the photos you use between Instagram and LinkedIn will vary tremendously, which is why it’s so helpful to take brand photos that work in every scenario. (That’s what my brand photoshoot package is for!) 

02. What should I do to prepare?

Yes! We never want there to be a disconnect between what you represent and how these photos look. That’s why the brand discovery phase is so helpful (along with my business analyst background). I’ll ask for websites that inspire you and create a mood board to identify the artistic vision for your brand. Within the photo edits themselves, I’ll start with a clean and state-of-the-art edit and then tweak my adjustments to match your brand’s unique look. Your photos will fit right into the rest of your brand image (unless we’re upgrading your image entirely, which in that case, we’ll transform your brand’s look with these photos).

03. Will these photos match my brand?

Each of my brand photography collections vary from advanced retouching to simple color correcting and cropping. In essence, I’ll get you the kind of edits that make sense for the application.

Brand photos will be cropped and color corrected to work on any and every platform. Headshots, on the other hand, go through a more extensive editing process with advanced retouching and formats (color, b/w, full size, canvas) for use on website headers, social media profile photos, and more. 

04. How will you edit the photos?

Brand photography is my most tailored service. The photos you need, and from what type of session, will vary. So, let’s have a conversation to figure out together which route is best for your brand — headshots, event photos or a brand photoshoot.

Say hi here and we’ll make a decision. My goal is to provide photos that serve you. Nothing more. Nothing less.

05. Do you offer custom collections?

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What to expect at a branding session

What to expect at a branding session when we work together. From preparing to finished headshots and brand photos. Here are the details.

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4 Types of brand photos you need

Brand photos can fall into 4 categories. Here are four types of photos that should be on your radar.

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What is personal brand photography

Personal brand photography is booming and for good reason. It's the best to connect with your ideal clients online. But what really is this type of photography?

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Elevate the business you’ve worked hard to build.

This isn’t just about new photos, an updated website, or a stunning Instagram feed. It’s about connecting what you do with the people you’re meant to work with. Brand photos will empower and enable you to make an even bigger and better impact. Make a difference and do the very thing you started your business for.

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Life’s biggest adventures in modern photos co-crafted with you. Spokane Photographer | Serving the Pacific Northwest

Life’s biggest adventures in modern photos co-crafted with you. Spokane Photographer | Serving the Pacific Northwest

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