You know the confidence that you feel when you pick up your camera in the middle of a beautiful golden hour photo session? I want you to have that same feeling as you run your heart-led business confidently behind the scenes.

Small Business Consulting & Education

SEO for Photographers + Creatives

If you’re looking for support to tackle topics like SEO, workflows and client experience, you’ve arrived at the right space. Empowering other small business and demystifying things like SEO brings me as much joy as nailing that beautiful golden hour family session.

15 years as a business analyst, and owner of a successful photography business of my own, trust me when I say I've been there.

I believe in creating actionable plans and support so YOU can take control of your business and scale your passion.

When I work with other photographers I want them to walk away with not just great SEO but a knowledge base to build off of in the future

SEO and Consulting Packages

SEO guidance based on your local market. We won't complicate what you don't need and include the details specific to your industry.

Targeted SEO Guidance to Your Market


The goal of any investment in your business should be to have in impact 4x the investment.  I'm passionate about giving you this with every service.

ROI Focused


All live calls are recorded and shared so you can refer back to anytime.

Recorded Calls


Education is at the core of everything  offer. You'll walk away with a specific plan and understanding of how to implement changes

Education First


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Two Focused Live Calls: One 90-min strategy call and a 30-min wrap-up session to ensure you're on the right track.

Comprehensive Website Audit: Know where you stand so you can see how far you'll go.

45 Days of SEO Monitoring: With option to add on more if needed

Detailed Checklist: Step-by-step tasks, customized video training and more

On-Page SEO for Up to 4 Pages + Copy Suggestions

Targeted Keyword Plan

Market Exclusivity: To ensure our focus is solely on you, I only work with one client per target market for this package at at time.

*Two Week Timeline*

The VIP Experience is designed to fast-track your success without overwhelming you. Perfect for photographers already confident in their craft but new to the SEO realm, this service offers you an intensive yet tailored experience.

Think of it as your personalized roadmap to conquering SEO, from the initial consultation to the final execution and beyond.

Here’s how it unfolds.
We'll kick things off with a deep-dive into your business and brand's unique voice. Once we've set the stage, we launch into a comprehensive strategy call where we break down your current online status and layout the game plan for your SEO success.

But that's just the first leg of the journey. Once our strategy is clear, I'll handcraft a specialized SEO plan just for you. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach; it’s a personalized strategy featuring video training, detailed checklists, and optimized content suggestions. After implementing your plan, we'll meet again for a touch-base call to check progress and make any necessary tweaks.

VIP Experience | SEO + Web Optimization

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$690 usd

Included in your VIP Experience

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Jen Joseph Photography

I did a one hour strategy session with MB. TL;DR - excellent decision, I am SO glad I did it and plan to do another in the future. If you are thinking about this, stop reading and go apply!

MB is an incredibly talented photographer and business analyst, and both of those things show in her work. We did a detailed walkthrough of my website, during which MB gave me a bunch of easily actionable suggestions. She had also run an SEO report on my site and walked through that so I could see where I was starting from. MB was really patient and answered each of my (many) questions. After our meeting, she sent me a fantastic PDF that summarized our discussion and my action items, along with my SEO report and other next steps. I am really excited to implement the changes MB recommended and see where I am a few months from now!

“If you are thinking about this, stop reading and go apply!

Brittany F | Spokane, WA 2021

Turn around time is incredibly timely and her artistic style is really genuine, photojournalistic with deep colors and contrast. She captures moments I don't even notice are happening and they end up being some of my favorite shots. Lastly, the prints and albums are exceptional quality....even better than the online gallery. MB was the first photographer to convince me of this and now I'll never go back to storing beautiful photos on thumb drives and never looking at them again.”


KR | Spokane 2021

“MaryBeth did our family photos and it was a great experience! I was worried about my young kids and newborn cooperating. She got down on their level. Nothing was rushed and as a result we have some of the best family pictures ever! Would definitely recommend her as your next photographer!”

Nothing was rushed and as a result we have some of the best family pictures ever!

Dakota E | Spokane 2021

I mean the pictures are nice but I figured it really wasn’t worth spending the money. Boy was I wrong! She cared so much about capturing Fenris for who he is and our genuine relationship. I can’t wait to have a session with my other dog! 💖 I really encourage anyone in the Spokane area to check her out! I ordered 7 prints; they are all high quality, glossy photo paper and look amazing framed. If you look on her website at her portfolio, her pictures of humans are pretty good too ;)”

This experience completely changed my mind about professional photo shoots with my dogs

CM 2021 | Cannon Beach, OR

Do not hesitate!  I have 2 special needs dogs which can make some photographers nervous, but this was far from the case! It was so fun, calm and just a great day. Not to mention the pictures are perfection!!! I take photos yearly; these are my all time favorites!”

If you are looking for a professional, calm, amazing quality photographer in Spokane and surrounding areas, you found your girl!

What Small businesses are saying

Photography Business Coaching and Consulting

I need this!

A great option for those with a good understanding of SEO and are ready to dive deep with the support to back it up.  

If you don't need the detailed plan, or custom training videos of the VIP Experience, this is a great option to launch  (or relaunch) your SEO success. 

Put me on the calendar

Perfect for those small businesses needing 1:1 support to jump start a project or strategize an SEO plan. Examples of topics can be  SEO, automation, user experience. It's like a recorded coffee chat with your bestie, but better because you'll walk away with a clear direction and path.

Includes 60 min recorded zoom call

$150 USD

$390 uSD

SEO Refresh

For photographers ready to refresh their SEO and strategize

60 Min Strategy Session Call

For business owners who need a bit of extra support

+ 60 min Live Strategy + Planning Call
+ Current Website SEO Audit
+ Key Phrase + PDF Action Plan
+ On Page SEO Recommendations For Up To 4 Pages

* 1-2 Week Timeline for Finished Plan and Training

I love finding ways to serve our photographer community. From my free small business newsletter to impromptu lives on IG. I seek out ways to continue to answer the questions I get among many platforms. 
You'll learn fast that I love chatting about dogs and businesses. 

If you're tired of fluff and vague ideas, so am I! I don't learn that way and I don't teach that way either.

I believe in creating actionable steps with achievable goals so you can move the needle in your  heart-led business.

I believe in the power of creating a heart-led business that serves others. It is possible to be financially healthy while serving your community. Heart-led business are at the core of what I do. I love helping others serve their community well with a thriving business.

Not only am I able to bring my experience running a successful photography business but also the 15 + years working as a business analyst with small and large companies

How I can help photographers and entrepeneurs

Real Life Experience

Education You Can Act On

Sustaining a Heart-Led Business

Continuous Support

Spam sucks and won't happen here.

Key Phrase Planning Worksheet

SEO Terms Cheat Sheet

SEO Starter Kit for Creatives

Limited time *free* download – just for you!

Get started with SEO today

Top 5 Things to Boost Your SEO

I HATE when you sign up for the thing and then suddenly you're on a newsletter you didn't know existed. So, if you don't want to hang out and learn about SEO and converting online, then hit unsubscribe at any time. But I think my list is pretty cool. So give it a shot and come hang out with us. I'll even share a few pics of my dog.

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SEO Blogging Do's and Don't's for Photographers

From keyword use to internal linking. Here are my favorite do's and don't's when you're trying to maximize your blogs SEO reach.

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Should you be using AI for SEO?

I spent 3 months testing out AI for content writing and SEO. Here are the pros and cons plus why this might be a nice addition to your photography business. 

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SEo Keyword Planning - 3 steps

3 steps to creating an effective keyword plan for your photography business that you can start today.

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Photographer and creative business coaching support on the blog

Some of my favorite tips on running your business

Outsourcing is always valuable. I outsource in my business whenever it makes sense. However, I don't think you should hand things off until you understand how it works first yourself. So much maintenance and tweaks can be handled on your own before scaling to the point someone else can take over.

06. Shouldn't I just outsource my SEO, workflows, etc?

Yes! I record everything and share the link to videos in your private client portal. Videos are available to download for 30 days.

05. What if I have questions after our call?

For the VIP experience, you'll have 30 days of email access to work through things as you start implementing the changes. Often I respond with a video to walk through the question.

But always, if something isn't clear, please reach out.

04. Will I have access to our sessions?

Anything that has to do with the business of photography. Specifically SEO, client experience,  workflows, defining your ideal client, and goal setting.

03. What specific things can we work on?

In a world of coaches it's good to know the difference. As a business consultant, my focus is more granular on specific problems and creating actionable steps and plans to tackle whatever you're working on.

02. Do you guarantee results?

Yes and No. Change takes time and anyone that guarantees a quick fix should be viewed cautiously. What I do guarantee is that after our call you will understand specifically what steps you need to take and have a plan in place to move the needle in your photography business. And if you don't, I'll work with you to rework the plan.

01. What's the difference between a coach and a constultant?

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Life’s biggest adventures in modern photos co-crafted with you. Spokane Photographer | Serving the Pacific Northwest

Life’s biggest adventures in modern photos co-crafted with you. Spokane Photographer | Serving the Pacific Northwest

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