Life is better with dirt under your feet and a dog by your side. Your day-to-day moments may not feel perfect but they’re real. Let’s get those raw, candid moments that show your connection with your family, pets, and your environment on your gallery wall.

Capturing the images today 
you'll wish you had tomorrow.

pet details

Finally, photography that’s not just “pet friendly.” Bring the squeak toys and let the dogs out.


newborn details

All connection, not always perfection. That’s what the first days of your child’s life looks like. There’s nothing more raw and real.


family details

Capture your family as they do life with photos of the moments you’ll need to remember most.


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Photos document real life like nothing else can.

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Get to know MB

My job? To serve you well so you can serve others, too. I can’t wait to capture your story.

Don’t worry, I won’t start the conversation telling you how much I love “love” or promise perfect images where everyone’s lined up and smiling at the camera. That's really not my thing nor how I view life.

Life is imperfect, messy, and emotive. Sometimes painfully fast and other times breathtakingly still. My goal is to hold that space for whoever is in front of my lens to show up as they are. Chaos, emotions, crazy dogs and toddlers covered in peanut butter. All of this creates who we are.

When we let go of this idea of perfection it allows us to embrace connection. Connections matter. Spoiler alter...Perfection. Does. Not.

What are the moments today that you want to remember tomorrow? That's what I want to capture for you.

If you have a dog with an Instagram account, I’ll be your biggest fan.

I’m MB, and I kiss dogs. What do you do?

— K.B.  2020

"With MB you get real life images. The ones that are the most precious, not perfect glamorous ones, but the ones that make you laugh, the ones you want to hang up in your house and enjoy forever. The sessions have NO pressure, you just come as you are."

— A.J. 2019

"MB is amazing, hands down. Not only does she have a way to make you feel at ease being in front of the camera but the images came out absolutely stunning! We loved our engagement photos & the fact she was open to having our fur baby was the icing on the cake. We felt relaxed & had an absolute blast...."

— S.H. 2019

"Our photos turned out better than I could have imagined!! MB made it so fun and light, we had a blast!"

— K.B. 2020

"With MaryBeth you get a mix of posed photos and photos that you never even knew she shot, honestly which those the best ones. The candid photos are so beautiful because you were walking by a pond or your kiddos were crying because they got knocked down by the dog, it showed mom life, just so beautiful and raw."

— B.S. 2020

"MaryBeth has an innate ability to see and suspend the joy and essence of each moment with her photography. Clear and precise, yet expressive and significant all wrapped up in a beautiful, kind and patient package that is truly her."

— D.E.  2020

"MB cared so much about capturing Fenris for who he is and our genuine relationship. I can’t wait to have a session with my other dog! I really encourage anyone in the Spokane area to check MB out!"

Honest thoughts from real people