Fall Family Photos

Fall Family Photos | How To Prepare For A Professional Photoshoot

July 26, 2022

Fall Family Photos

Fall is the season when most people meet up with their local family photographer to update images on the wall. And for a good reason! Fall family photos typically have better weather; it’s close to Christmas for gifts (and cards), plus fall colors add an extra pop to your images.

As a Spokane family photographer, I love gearing up for fall photography season. Read on to find out how to make the most of your yearly fall family photos.

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Be flexible with the location and time of your fall family photos

Flexibility is essential with any photo session, but it’s especially important for fall family photos. Most of my clients book several months in advance, and I always tell them to keep a larger window of time open around our session, and we will confirm a week before.

Why? Location, light, and weather. Fall is beautiful but predicting how the light will be, what the weather might look like, and where fall colors are the best is tricky. If you want the best conditions for your photos, allow for flexibility in your photo session.

Sometimes changing locations or moving a session by 30 minutes can take a session from blah to AHHHHmazing.

Dress in Layers for Your Fall Family Photos

Layers are a fun way to add dimension to your photos. And yes, I’m refraining from saying “layers are flattering” because what I mean isn’t that they look nice. But scarfs, sweaters, boots, cardigans, etc., all add an extra layer to flow and move in an image. Layers add additional depth to make an image even more interesting to view.

Plus sweaters, boots, and scarves… So comfortable to hang out in the grass or chase your kids down the trail.

If you’re also located in Spokane, WA, fall means temps drop fast at night. A layer on makes staying warm towards the end of a session easier. Especially important for kiddos!

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Know your photographer’s turnaround time before the photoshoot

I’ve been photographing Spokane families for over seven years now, and I always ask, “when do you need your images returned?” before booking anything in the fall.

Did you know most photographers have a turnaround time of 3-5 weeks from camera click to images in your email? If you’re planning Christmas cards to be mailed at the beginning of November, make sure your schedule matches your photographer’s before you hit book now.

If you want photos as gifts, like canvases, prints, etc., allow an even bigger cushion.

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Tips on Scheduling

The best time to book photos for your family in the fall is several months before the actual date. Reach out to your photographer of choice in the spring and see what they recommend.

For my fall family photo shoots, I only take 10-15 clients per month before closing my calendar, which often happens in summer. But it still never hurts to reach out last minute. Just be aware your date of choice could already be snagged.

Are you local to Spokane, WA? I’d love to keep in touch on my client newsletter. It’s where I release dates for sessions, and model calls, and share information on how to capture your own memories of your family all year long.


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