Avoid Photographers Burnout Tips

5 Tips To Avoid Photography Burnout

July 22, 2022

Avoid Photographers Burnout Tips

Have you been tired of picking your camera up, feeling blah about your editing, or in the infamous “imposter syndrome” photography trap? If yes, this post will tell you how I’ve learned to “mostly” avoid photography burnout and enjoy the busy season.

Tip 1 – Schedule Time for yourself first every month

I don’t mean family time, cleaning, or paying bills with this scheduled time. In your calendar, before you schedule anything else, block out some space to do whatever brings you joy and peace first. 1 hour a week even, although I hope you give yourself more.

Don’t tell me you don’t have time for this, because I can promise if you don’t add yourself to this list, you will be 100% burned out.

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Tip 2 – Avoid photography burnout by setting reasonable weekly and monthly goals

Set clear monthly, weekly, and even daily goals that you know are achievable. Crossing things off a list lets you clearly see you’re making progress even if the bigger project isn’t close to being finished.

Here is the part that gets me, once you clear your goals for the day (or week), STOP. Like don’t add anything else, be done with work. I’m notorious for finishing my list and then starting a new one because I think I have more time.

Tip 3 – Take breaks from your photography business

4 days a month, two weeks a quarter, and perhaps a month a year, schedule a break from your business. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, they say. But for real, taking time to fully step away from your business will only ever bring you back with more productivity and clarity.

Once I see myself falling down the comparison trap, it’s always a good indication I’m due to walk away for even a day or two.

Tip 4 – Passion projects help avoid photography burnout

There should be your photography business and a separate photography project that you do just for you.

Pick a passion project that reminds you why you love photography that can continue to fill your cup when you feel a little burned out and the thought of another paid session.

I draw a hard line and never accept money or take clients for anything that falls into my passion project category. I find it helpful to have something photography related that I never feel is monetized.

Tip 5 I fully believe creating community avoids photography burnout

Find one person (or perhaps several) to create community within our same industry. People that can drag you out of the comparison trap or runaway thoughts when photography burnout is approaching.

I have a few friends who remind me when it’s time to take a break and listen to me vent about all the crazy things that come with being a creative. Community, to me, has been the most powerful tool in avoiding photographer burnout.

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If you haven’t found your own community yet, I invite you to jump on my newsletter for photographers.
I LOVE it when people reply, and we can just chat about life as a photographer.

Hopefully, you found this list helpful. Is there something I forgot to mention? Let me know below.


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