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Personal Branding Photography – 4 Types of Photos You Need

December 5, 2021

Spokane Personal Branding Photography

Personal branding photography is growing in demand at lightning speed. And for a good reason! Our world is moving increasingly digital, and our best first impression often comes from social media or an about page before we even know our client exists. So now you know what you need, but what type of photos do you need?

I will break down the four main categories to get your wheels turning for your next photo session. However, if you’re new to personal brand photography, I suggest you start here first with the basics of photos for your brand. Read on to begin planning a session.

#1 Personal Branding Headshots

This one is a no-brainer, but I’m going to talk about it first. It’s important to have a handful of good headshots for your brand. Please don’t simply use your logo for social media profile pictures, EVEN if you are a small team. If your business is 1-2 people, consider putting a face for customers to greet when they see your social profile. People like to buy from people, not logos.

Not all headshots are created equal. LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and your About Page can all call for a different vibe.

Personal Branding Photography Headshots

#2 Process Photos of You Doing The Thing

Lift the veil for your customers and show them what you do. Why do people LOVE open kitchens or watching artisan crafters work? Because they enjoy seeing the love behind the finished product.

Another great addition to your personal branding photography session is including your workspace. If your workspace is your kitchen table (like mine right now), include that!

Process Photos Branding Photography

#3 Lifestyle Personal Branding Photography

Lifestyle photos are your best chance to connect with clients outside of what you’re selling. Why is this important? Because before your client buys from you, they need to know you. Know you, connect with you, and then become a customer. 

Choosing these photos is as simple as picking three things about your life you’d be willing to share with the world. Here are the three personal pieces I choose to connect with others.

  1. Dogs
  2. Hiking and Nature
  3. Self-Improvement

None of these are photography. You will also NOT see a photo of my camera on my about page. Because if you get to my About Me and you don’t know I’m a photographer, I’ve got bigger problems. However, I do use my about page to connect with my clients on a non-selling level.

Examples of lifestyle photos are hobbies, causes, or family members. Plan some fun photos around three things you’d want to share (and connect) with your clients. For more about Lifestyle Photos for personal branding photography, head here.

lifestyle personal branding Photography

#4 Finished Product

A set of photos showing your finished product is a must-have in your arsenal of images for your brand. To make it even more personal, instead of setting your product on a surface, capture an image holding it in your hands.

You might be asking; I’m a service business. How do I show my finished product? Here are a few examples of service-based, finished products.

  • Finished products can be as simple as portfolio images or printed products for photographers.
  • Copywriters could use screengrabs of their work used on a website or advertisement
  • Doulas could have a photo with a new babe.

Service-based entrepreneurs have finished products too.

Belly Binding Spokane Photographer

Personal Branding Photography Resources

Hopefully, the above post gave you some ideas for your next personal brand photography session. If you’re still looking for more help, I have a free guide for planning your session here.


MB – A Spokane photographer serving small businesses in the pacific northwest.

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