Lifestyle Personal Brand Photographer

Why Lifestyle Personal Branding Photography Matters

December 14, 2021

Lifestyle Personal Brand Photographer

Once you’ve decided on a shoot for your brand, you’ll probably start researching what type of photos you need. Headshots, process photos, and behind the scenes are obvious to consider including in your shoot. But I wanted to write about something that matters as much, if not more—lifestyle personal branding photography. Read on to find out how to use lifestyle photos to elevate your brand.

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A quick introduction to Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle photography is the art of the everyday. Think about lifestyle photos as a genre smashed between portrait photography and photojournalism. While there is a plan, it’s not heavily scripted like typical photography sessions. The main goal of lifestyle photography is to show your everyday life, milestones, interests in an artistic way that connects with the viewer.

This post is all about lifestyle photos but if you’re interested in what else I recommend for a branding session, check out 4 Types of Photos for your personal branding photography.

How lifestyle personal branding photography impacts your brand

Personal branding photography is personal.

People don’t buy from brands; they buy from people. That has been said so many times I couldn’t find the original source. When you incorporate thoughtful lifestyle images into your brand, it is like you’re going out on a first date with your ideal client and finding ways to connect.

Lifestyle personal branding photos are a way to connect with your client on a non-selling level, and whether we realize it or not, that matters. As consumers, we subconsciously look for ways to identify with a brand before we delve into a big purchase or become long-time brand cheerleaders.

Don’t believe me? Big businesses throw lots of money at finding ways to connect with you on a personal level too. It’s why companies like Coca-Cola and Nike are running ads on social justice issues. Don’t get me wrong, this is a cause they believe in, but more than that, they are hoping you believe in it too.

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How to start using lifestyle personal branding photography

Thoughtfully using lifestyle photos in your brand is not as hard as it seems.

  • First, think about your ideal client. Who are they, what do they like to do, and what matters to them.
  • Can you find three things that you might share in common with your ideal client?
  • Use those things as content pillars for your lifestyle personal branding.

As an example, here are mine: Dog Moms, love of the outdoors, and parenting. So, when I start taking lifestyle photos for my brand, I often include my dog, adventures outdoors, and things about being a mom. None of these are directly related to photography, but they connect to my brand.

Lifestyle Personal Branding Photography

Some final thoughts on lifestyle personal branding photography

Lifestyle personal branding photography is exponentially growing in popularity, and for a good reason, it works. It’s what will set you apart from your competition and allow you to speak directly to your ideal client on a more personal level. I highly encourage all businesses to incorporate a few more images to connect with others.

While as a Spokane photographer, I love including these in my branding sessions; you DON’T need to hire a professional. The next time you’re out doing something that matters to you, toss your phone to a friend and snap a few images you can share with your clients.

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Cheers and happy creating!


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