Field Maternity Photos

Field Maternity Photos – Location Inspiration

December 17, 2021

Field Maternity Photos

Are you looking for inspiration for your next maternity session? Field maternity photos are an artistic way to compliment the beautiful changes at this stage of life. Photography sessions in a field setting are always an excellent way to highlight a family. However, maternity photos are extra lovely when framed by the simplistic backdrop in a field, allowing the growing bump to shine.

Simple is better for maternity photography

As a Spokane photographer, I often recommend keeping my maternity sessions simple. Simple in posing, simple in clothing, and simple in location. Why? Because maternity photography is all about capturing this moment exactly as it is, unfiltered and uncomplicated.

My brand of maternity photography focuses solely on the sliver of time while babe is still with Mom and life is a bit more still. Without a doubt, a field setting provides the simplistic backdrop to this natural maternity feel.

Choosing a Location for Field Maternity Photos

  1. Always know where the sun is setting. Some spots may look great, but the sun sets behind a highway and buildings, making them less attractive at golden hour. 
  2. Are there any interesting tree lines in the distance? I often shoot at Slavin Conservation Area, which has some beautiful trees in the distance to frame a photo.
  3. Know how to dress. Fields are often pokey and scratchy. Boots, long dresses, or solid-toed shoes are a must if your field has prickly plants.
Maternity Photos Slavin Conservation Area

Posing ideas for Field maternity Photos

  • I love capturing Mom alone with the contrast of the open field around her. Having Mom look into the distance encourages this feeling of space in an image.
  • Secondly, grab a closeup of the baby bump with the field in the background.
  • Include the whole family walking or playing together in the field. In addition, you can add extra connection by everyone holding hands.
Maternity Field Photo Inspiration

I love capturing photos, from bump to newborn. If you’re expecting and live around the Spokane area, you can check out more about my style of soulful maternity photos here.


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  1. Samantha says:

    Absolutely stunning images. Thank you for such great content. I definitely agree.

  2. Mel says:

    Love this post! Good suggestion for closed toe shoes in fields!

  3. Neyssa L says:

    These are gorgeous and the tips are so great for any maternity or family session.

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