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April 7, 2021

Personal Brand Photography

What is “Personal Brand Photography” really? It used to be brand photography felt limited to a small circle of online people like bloggers, influencers, or media personalities. But not so anymore. Photos for your brand are even more vital for small businesses than ever before.

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Think about pre-2020 when you’d go into a local bakery. You’d walk around and check out the feel of the place, maybe watch the baker do their thing, look at ALL the good things to eat, and chat with the owner. You’d find out you both LOVE watching reruns of Friends and microbrews. After you grab your cupcakes, you walk out of the store and think about planning your next visit. You’ll likely head back there often. Not because of the baked goodness but because you felt a connection with the business and the owner.

Flash forward to 2021, and you are likely doing curbside pickup, or if you’re going in, there is no wandering around aimlessly taking it all in. By doing so, we strip away a personal connection that really sets your business apart.

The answer to this problem? Taking your vibe/feel/message/awesomeness online with personal brand photos.

Personal Brand Photography Reestablishes a Personal Connection 

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Think of personal brand photography as a virtual walk through your small business. Not just the glossy, curated images. But the imperfect perfection of you doing your thing. YES, I used “Imperfect Perfection.” Because really, that’s what it is.

Customers don’t come back to small businesses for the perfection of the finished product. Loyalty to a brand is built off a connection to the pieces of your story: pieces that are gritty, imperfect, quirky, and relatable. Added all up? This equals brand perfection.

Personal Brand Photography comes in to visually tell your story through images that can be reshared on social media, emails, and your website. You will walk away with photos that recreate that personal connection a customer would receive in your store.

Why is this important? Because your connection is what sets you apart from your competitors. Big and small.

What Types of Images Are Included in a Personal Brand Photography Session?

When we wonder, “what is peronal brand photography?”, we also want to know what type of images are included. This isn’t always a clear answer. Because the photos you’ll need for a small business can vary by industry. This is why it’s a good idea to work with a photographer who understands business needs. However, as a Spokane photographer serving small businesses, here is what I look for.

  • Process Photos – You creating and planning your service or product
  • Physical Vibe of Your Work Space – Lift the veil and show people where you work. TIP – It doesn’t have to be customer-facing. If the magic happens in your home office/guest room, show that too!
  • Headshots – Instagram, FB, and Linkedin all LOVE a clean headshot.
  • Finished Products – Showing the end result of your hard work.

Where to Use Brand Photos

EVERYWHERE. Your customers are looking online for you right now. What are they currently finding? Brand photography can (and should) be interwoven into social media platforms, websites, and email newsletters.

You will undoubtedly walk away with many photos from your session. Plus side, this gives you lots of content to use. Downside? It can be overwhelming too. If you want a bit more information on HOW to strategically use these photos, check out this post to break down my personal process for using images branded images online.

Personal Brand Photography Is Vital For Small Businesses

The best time for starting your brand’s images was probably yesterday. But good news, the second-best time is today. 

Small business photography is truly the key that opens the door to connect with your customers intimately online. It doesn’t need to be perfect; you really only need to show up so your customers can connect.

If you can’t tell from this post, I’m passionate about small businesses. After all things animals, it’s my love. Before starting photography, I spent 15 years as a business analyst in one way or another, so trust me when I say I get the struggles. If you’re interested in working together or just want to find out more about using photography to grow your brand, drop me a message here. I love connecting with other small businesses.



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