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What to Wear for a Branding Photoshoot

April 1, 2021

Spokane Photographer Self Portrait

You’ve taken the plunge, and you’re getting ready to create some dynamic, storytelling photos for your brand. Congratulations, friend! Branding photos are a big step for your business, whether professional photos or not. But now comes a big decision. You’re probably wondering what to wear for a branding photoshoot.

I love branding photo sessions. There is nothing better than helping people connect their talents to others with impactful images. You can read a whole blog about how I plan my sessions here, but this is specifically about the clothes. There is a bit more to consider when thinking about dressing for your branding photoshoot than colors that flatter your skin. Keep on reading for my foolproof tips to keep in mind when choosing clothes.

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Tip 1 – Dress how your ideal customer would typically see you or ½ a notch higher

It’s NOT about having designer clothes without wrinkles that make you look perfectly curated. Personal brand photos help establish a “Know, Like, Trust” factor with your ideal client. Your customers need to see the person that would show up if they met you over coffee. If you dress one way in photos and show up to a meeting differently, it will degrade the trust factor when the two images don’t line up.

Let me make this clear, friends. If you are a lawyer who wears suits, wear a suit. If you’re a dance instructor, put on your dance shoes and an outfit you’d meet a new student into tour your studio.

Can you dress up a notch or down? Yes. I say keep it within a storytelling framework. If you’re telling the story of your downtime hobbies on the weekend, dress a few to show your casual side. The same goes for dressing up. However, ask yourself, are these clothes representing a part of my personality or my story. If not, ditch them.

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Tip 2 When Deciding What to Wear at a Branding Photoshoot, don’t forget accessories

Accessories are a secret weapon in any photoshoot. Often a photographer will limit you to one outfit change, but accessories cheat this a bit. Taking a jacket on or off gives you an entirely new look without using up one of your valuable outfit changes.

Another bonus with accessories is they are a way to incorporate your brand colors into an image. You may not want to wear a bright orange sweater, but you could wear an orange scarf.

Tip 3 Consider Your Brand Colors

I’m emphasizing “Consider.” If taken too far, including your brand colors in a branding photoshoot can come across as cheezie. However, if you know your brand colors, consider them when choosing an outfit. An easy way to do this is to print your colors out and set them beside your outfit choice. Do they complement each other, or do they conflict?

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Tip 4 Bring Lots of Options to your photoshoot

Most photographers will give you a limit on outfits. Limiting outfits is because we want to spend more time shooting than changing clothes. However, I always recommend bringing three or four outfits and letting your photographer (or friend if you’re DIYing) narrow down the options. More often than not, the second set of eyes will bring great insight.

Tip 5 Dress for Confidence

Please don’t wear something that you feel looks great because it’s trendy, but secretly you feel uncomfortable. Cameras do NOT keep secrets, and if you’re uncomfortable, it will show. Pick clothes that empower you and make you feel like the Rockstar you are. If confidence for you means sticking to skinny jeans and oversized sweaters, then rock it with pride.

Spokane Photographer Self Portrait

Hopefully, you’ll find the tips helpful as you navigate what to wear for your next branding photoshoot. If you feel like your clothes are true to who you are, bring a few options, and dress for confidence, and you’ll be alright.

If you’d like my What to Wear Checklist for a Branding Photoshoot, click here. I break it down even more in a printable PDF.

Have you had personal branding photos done? What’s your best advice for choosing clothes. Drop it below.


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