Pet Photography At Home Session Black Dog on Couch

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March 25, 2021

Pet Photography At Home Session Black Dog on Couch

What holds you back from scheduling a session to document the unique bond you have with your pet? Often, it’s the concern with taking your furry best friend out of their home and into a new place to have professional photos taken that causes pause. It might be the fear of how they will behave, having to stay on leash, or just the fact that you don’t get to see their REAL personality shine when you take a pet from their comfort zone. Pet photography doesn’t have to happen in epic places! In fact, pet photography sessions at home can make for some of the best moments.

Home is Where the Heart Is

“Home is where the heart is.” I know this is an overly used quote, but it’s true. Wherever your family calls home, whether that’s on a mountain top or on the couch watching the Dog Whisper, you do life best at home. When your heart is full, it will reflect in the photos. This is especially true for a dog. If you’re looking for a picture that captures your friend truly at ease, stay home.

When your heart is full, it will reflect in the photos.

The trade-off in epic views is worth it for heartfelt photos with everyone feeling their best.

Basset Hound Dog Pet Portrait

Pet Photography Sessions at Home Let Everyone Play

Let’s be real. No one loves leashes. Most dogs would choose to run free. Plus, the last thing YOU want to worry about is holding on to your dog during a photography session the entire time. However, as a Spokane dog photographer, anytime we are out of a fenced-in space, I highly recommend keeping the leash on.

When you chose to stay home for your pet or even family photography session, everyone has freedom and room to run. Bonus, you aren’t worried about what your pup is doing on the end of the leash. This room to breathe creates some genuine photos of both animals AND kids.

You DO NOT Need to Deep Clean your home for a photography session

I repeat this often when I talk about my home Newborn Photography, and the same rules apply here. You do NOT need to deep clean your home for a photography session. Trust me on this. I’m an expert at blurring out cluttered backgrounds and getting close-up shots to keep the focus on your furry best friend, NOT the countertops.

Having a “lived-in” home only adds to the character and storytelling ability a photograph can create. The goal isn’t to capture the perfect shot. For me, the goal is to show the beauty amidst the chaos of life. For that, you simply need to show up.

Dog Photographer puppy sitting on chair

The Best Place to Catch a Nap is an At Home Pet Photography Session

Ever wondered how photographers catch the perfect napping photograph of a dog in the sun? Spoiler alert. This isn’t something easily accomplished at a park or on a trail. Do you have a dog that just naps in the middle of a park full of other distractions? I sure don’t.

Pet photography sessions at home give us a chance to capture not just the fun but the sweet still moments that our fur babies save for times at home.

Sleeping Bloodhound Spokane

As a Spokane Photographer, Sessions at Home are Some of My Favorites

It’s no secret that I love climbing to the top of a mountain for a photo. However, I equally love intimate photography sessions at home.

Newborn photography was really where my love of at-home sessions all started for me. You can read more about it here if you’re interested. One thing I noticed doing at-home sessions for new families was the really cool moments I was able to capture with pets. Moments that wouldn’t have occurred in a park or on a trail.

Newborn Photography Spokane Dogs

Perhaps a better way to describe my favorite sessions isn’t at home or on a mountain top; it’s wherever people (and pets) do life best. For some, that’s on top of a mountain, but often that’s hanging out at home. The real secret to great photography is finding out where that space is for you.

If you’re interested in finding out more about an at-home session for your furbaby, drop me a note here. I’d love to chat about all things animals. It’s sort of my jam.

With Gratitude,

MB – A Spokane photographer serving the Northwest for people and pets doing life together

Spokane Photographer Pet Portrait Rhodesian Ridgeback

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