Golden Retriever Spokane Dog Photography

Backup’s Story, Spokane Senior Dog Project Pt 5

August 29, 2020

Golden Retriever Spokane Dog Photography

“If the kindest souls were rewarded with the longest lives, dogs would outlive us all.”


When I arrived to meet Backup, I was energetically greeted by two of his house mates at the door.  I didn’t immediately see the older golden retriever I was there to photograph but what I did see was a home filled with happy, well loved dogs. As I walked into the living to see a snoozing Backup by the hearth, I also saw walls filled with pictures of dogs and framed memories from agility competitions. I knew instantly that I’d love Backup and his owner Mary. 

Backup did not immediately run to the door to greet me; those days of jumping up are past I believe.  However, as I sat down beside this 16 year old golden retriever, he instantly lifted his head up to happily say “Hello”.  This greeting was exactly as Mary had previously described.

Senior Dog Spokane Golden Retriever

“Most of the day now he sleeps on the hearth in front of the fireplace. His sense of smell is still excellent and he senses when someone from outside of the family enters the house, getting up to greet them. He is a model of what we wish for in our dog’s old age”

Backup’s mom, Mary

These words from Mary rung true the second I met this sweet old dog.  He is 100% everything we hope for with our old dogs and so much more.  However, I also believe his family is what every dog could hope for as well.

In his hay day, Backup was a champion agility dog with NADAC, earning the high award of NACH. The image below is actually taken at a show with some of his agility friends.  While some dogs hung out in their kennels, Backup and his friends got to hang out in the Corvette.  Not a bad life.

Dog Photography
Dog and owner Photograph Spokane

At 16, several years past the average senior age for a golden, he is no longer running an agility course.  You can see from the photos he is blind and only has one eye.  His hearing has left as well but not his joy and NOT his sense of smell for all the treats I brought along.

Golden Retriever Portrait Spokane
Senior Dog Spokane Golden Retriever

We took Backup outside for a few photos and he showed me that 16 or not, this guy still loves life. Some dogs have an infectious personality when you’re around them and this was Backup.  You couldn’t help but smile being in his presence and you could feel his kind soul.

After an hour outside we came back in where Backup quickly fell back asleep by the hearth where we originally started. Getting your photos taken is hard work!

Senior Dog Spokane Photographer

Thank you, Mary for sharing Backup with me.  His sweet soul stole a piece of my heart.

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