Spokane Senior Dog

Meet Roy – Spokane Senior Dog Spotlight Pt 2

August 20, 2020

Spokane Senior Dog

Say “Hi” to Roy. The next stellar Spokane Senior dog in a lineup of awesome pups. This sweet man pretty much stole my heart from the second he got out of the truck. He looks so much like my border collie who crossed the rainbow bridge this spring, making taking his photos an extra exceptional day.

I wasn’t crying during the session; my eyes were misting.

Border Collie Senior Dog

More than your average senior dog

Before meeting Roy, his Mom told me that everyone who meets Roy, loves him. She described him as a “person in a dog suit.” Ten seconds into greeting this guy at the parking lot, and I understood what she meant. Roy connects with you instantly, and you can’t help but fall in love with him.

Does anyone want to guess how young this guy is? 15, 16?

Senior Border Collie Spokane

Friends, this strapping border collie is 18! Crazy, right? I seriously could not believe it. Yes, Roy is a bit gray around the muzzle, and his owners have mentioned he can’t get in the truck like he used to, but DANG he does not look or act his age. At times I thought I had a wiggly puppy in front of me, not an 18-year-old senior pup.

His eyes were full of life and love for his family, and you could tell how thrilled he was to be the center of attention that night.

Black and White Border Collie Portrait

Everyone dog has an origin story, and this is Roy’s

Roy started life as a working dog and then joined his family at five years old, going right to work again with their sheep. A testament to this dog’s drive and instinct, his owners told me of a time where a cougar got into the flock at night. Roy jumped a 6′ fence to run off the predator. Unfortunately, they did lose a few lambs, but it would have been much worse if Roy would not have sprung into action.

These days, Roy is no longer working sheep but a pampered pet who enjoys rides in the truck, an occasional cheeseburger from McDonald’s, and camping trips with the family. Recently he had an adventure with just his Mom to the St Joe River, where he enjoyed his favorite camping food, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Senior Dog Border Collie Spokane

“We are so grateful to have him this long ❤️ My kids grew up with Roy, and all of their friends have loved him too.”

Roy’s Mom

In Roy’s time with his family, he has had many roles from a steadfast and focused working dog, adventure companion, and now a spoiled and pampered pet. A papered pooch who enjoys the finer things in life like a good PB and J or a trip to McDonald’s riding in the truck’s back seat.

I wish I could share everything I learned about this guy because his stories are fantastic, and they give you all the feels to know that dogs like Roy, and families like his who love the heck out of him, exist.

Friends, dogs’ lives end too short, but before that day, they live. They live amazing, loving, joyful, FULL lives. Lives like Roy. Hug your pups and capture the moments with them. Write them down, photograph them because as fast as they happen, they become memories.

Senior Dog Border Collie Spokane

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Outdoor Portrait Woman Spokane



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