Spokane Senior Dog Black Lab

Spokane Senior Dog Spotlight, Meet Dash

August 13, 2020

Spokane Senior Dog Black Lab

I’ve met many dogs, from years ago working at a vet clinic to now meeting them as a Spokane dog photographer. They are all great! However, there is something about a senior dog that has always had a special place in my heart. Every silver hair comes with a story to tell about devotion, love, craziness, and chaos. You can see it in their eyes before you hear it in their owners’ words.

There is a quote somewhere that speaks to the only fault of a dog is their life being too short. Isn’t that the truth?! I feel like we often take for granted the short lives of our furry best friends. Not on purpose, but life moves fast, and before we know it, we look down, and our best friend has greyed a bit, slowed down some, and takes longer to come when called.

Black and White Black Lab Senior

I’ve always thought senior dogs don’t get the credit they deserve and often don’t get their stories told. Puppies are cute (don’t get me wrong), but older dogs have a soul and a quiet story that often gets overshadowed but younger pups. It’s that reason I wanted to start a project highlighting local, Spokane Senior dogs. I wish I could have photographed them all, but I only had time for a few that I hope to share over the next few months. As a local photographer and dog mom this filled my soul.

Now that the introduction is out of the way, I’d like you to meet our first dog, Dash. He is an eight-year young black lab, who met his family seven years ago when he was adopted from SCRAPS.

Senior Dog Portrait Spokane WA

A Senior Dog named, Dash and his Crazy Antics

According to his Mom, Dash has an intense infatuation for all things grass. I don’t mean to eat some grass as all dogs do. I’m talking about rolling in it headfirst, walking in it, and eating it like it will be gone forever. When I asked his family where his favorite place was, they said, “in the grass.” So, we spent the majority of our time walking through the grass on our photoshoot.

Spokane Senior dog nature

I’ve actually watched this dog a bit on social media before photographing him, so I’ve seen his crazy antics. Coming in behind chewing on grass seems to be chewing on blinds when he is left alone for a time he feels is too long or eating anything in plastic bags. I’ve laughed at the comments his owner has made regarding his cautiousness with water. Apparently, not ALL labs love water. Oh, and the couch? Yes… that’s his. You can find him there often, sleeping the day away.

Recently on a camping trip to the Salmon River, Dash was on guard running up and down the shore watching people jump in. He would stand there and wait until he made sure they were safe then run back to his owner up the river. He’d repeat this every time someone jumped in the water. It sounds like he had quite the busy weekend patrolling the shores for water safety.

How is this for being one smart pup? He’s been known to fake an injury to get out of going for a run. I read this and thought, “Yes, Dash and I would get along great.” I often wonder if I can find an injury to avoid early morning runs.

What Makes Dash the best dog for this family?

This goofy, grass loving, water cautious lab also has a kind and wise soul. When I asked his owner what makes Dash perfect your family, the answer I got spoke to his immense patience with her son’s childhood antics and his ability to read someone’s mood and know what they need.

Spokane Senior Dog Family

“He gravitates to people who are struggling emotionally and will simply sit with them/lean on them until they calm down.”

~ Dash’s Mom

Dash exemplifies everything I love about senior dogs. Goofy traits, full of personality, but kind, wise, and patient exactly when it’s needed. He has a life well-lived, and he’s well-loved. It was a privilege to spend some time with Dash and his family.

Here is my friendly reminder to capture the images today with your senior dog you’ll wish had tomorrow. Whether that’s with your cell phone or with a photographer, don’t forget to document your pet’s life. Read more about why pet photography matters here.

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