Senior Italian Greyhound Photography

Keiran’s Story – Spokane Senior Dog Spotlight, Pt 3

August 23, 2020

Senior Italian Greyhound Photography

Big things come in small packages. This was what came to mind when I met Keiran, a 12-year-old Italian Greyhound. This Spokane senior dog has survived a lot. He lost his first owner to cancer, was severely malnourished, and dealt with a nasty infestation of ticks and fire ants before making it to his forever home. Keiran had a long road to get here but is now living his best life. This life includes a family, kids, and an energetic young lab mix to help keep him on his toes.

Italian Greyhound Senior Dog Portrait

You might notice in his pictures that he looks a little extra “pokey.” In some cases, severely malnourished dogs can grow extra bones. So while Keiran does look a bit boney in some photos, his weight is good, and those extra bones are more a sign of how hard life was for this guy before landing with his family.

Spokane Senior Dog Italian Greyhound

Random fact – Did you know many Greyhounds struggle to sit? Yup, all of his pictures were taken standing up because, like many greyhounds, his physiology makes it difficult to put his butt on the ground.

Bowl and Pitcher Dog Photography Spokane

Getting ready to take photos of this pup, I could tell he was a bit apprehensive. However, as soon as he got on the trail, you could tell he was in his element. He looked perfectly at home, trotting beside his owner at Bowl and Pitcher. His age doesn’t slow him down when it comes to his love for going on a walk. Nor did his four teeth prohibit him from enjoying all the dog treats I brought along that day.

Italian Greyhound Portrait Senior

It’s impressive, especially for a dog that had such a rough start in life, to see the contentment, confidence, and love this guy has when he is with his owner, Jessica. When she picked him up at the end of the session, you could tell he had this look like, “Yup, this is MY person.”  

How lucky you must be to earn the love and respect of a dog like Keiran; A dog that has not always seen the best of life or the best of humans. 

I believe dogs like this can show us a lot about trust and love if we are willing to listen.

Italian Greyhound Dog Bowl and Pitcher Spokane WA

Thank you, Keiran and Jessica, for sharing a bit of your story with me!

I hope you enjoyed virtually meeting Keiran. Drop me a message here and let me know what you thought of this guy or email me at

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