Spokane Senior Dog Photographer

Meet Brisby – Spokane Senior Dog Pt 4

August 26, 2020

Spokane Senior Dog Photographer

Not many dogs come ready for a photoshoot, but this German Shepard/Chow/Border Collie, named Brisby, made taking photos a breeze. At 11 ½ years old, Brisby is a Spokane senior dog that does not look his age.

When Brisby’s owners first contacted me and explained a bit about his story, he seemed (and his owners) like the perfect fit for this session. Keep scrolling to see more images of Brisby and find out what makes this pup and his family so unique.

Senior Dog Brisby Spokane

I like to ask owners what their pup’s favorite activity is. I’m sure it sounds like I’m queuing them up for a personal ad. While it’s napping in the sun or going for a drive for lots of older dogs, for Brisby, it’s still running down a ball and chasing squirrels. Dogs joyfully being dogs is the best!

You might notice that Brisby had the head tilt nailed too. Can it get any sweeter? I was ready to give him all my dog treats the second he busted that out.

Senior Dog Brisby Spokane WA

Brisby’s story also highlights a family who chose to open their home to rescue dogs. While this is Brisby’s story, it’s a bit about Koda too. Unfortunately, Koda and Brisby were like many dogs looking for a home later in life because their owner passed away. Sadly, this is a common occurrence where two dogs who lived their lives together are now looking for a home due to unforeseen circumstances.

Older dogs already have a hard time getting adopted, but finding a home ready to take on two who are later in their years is even more difficult. Brisby and Koda were about to go to a shelter when a post circulated on Facebook, trying to find them a home. Aimee and her husband Tim were newly married and huge dog lovers but did not have any dogs of their own. After praying hard about these two dogs, they decided they could give them both a home. Koda and Brisby got a second chance together thanks to the kindness of Aimee and Tim.

Spokane Family Photographer

You might wonder where Koda is. Unfortunately, a month before we took photos, Koda passed away from cancer; this was part of why they reached out regarding this shoot. While Koda was going through chemo, he required a lot of attention, and they felt Brisby didn’t get as much focus. Life is hard after losing a pet for everyone, but it sounds like Brisby really struggled too. Now seemed like a good opportunity to show some extra love to Brisby and document their life together. I wholeheartedly agreed.

Family Photography Dog Spokane

“Although we don’t have a long future with our sweet Brisby, he makes every day a joy with his happy go lucky demeanor and his excitement in the smallest things.”


This Spokane Senior Dog Project seems made for dogs like Brisby and families like Aimee and Tim. After hearing their story, I was happy to give back a little to this family as they gave to Brisby and Koda.

Adopting an older dog takes a kind person, but opening your heart and home to two dogs takes an exceptional family. Thank you, Aimee, Tim, and Brisby for sharing your story with me and allowing me to document a few moments. Stories like yours are pretty much what I need in these challenging times.

Senior Dog Brisby Spokane

I hope you enjoyed reading about Brisby and his family. More so I hope it inspired you to perhaps open your home to one (or two!) senior dogs looking for a second chance. Spokane Humane Society and SCRAPS are two great local shelters to check out with dogs ready to go home today.

If you have time, check out a few other Spokane Senior Dogs. Dash, Roy, and Keiran have their stories up as well.



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