Newborn Photography Documentary Spokane

Documentary Newborn Photography- It’s About Connection

July 22, 2020

Newborn Photography Documentary Spokane

Whether you’re welcoming your first child or 5th, bringing a new baby home is a huge blessing and, at times, a heavy dose of chaos. Time goes by fast, and moments turn into memories at an exponential rate. Capturing these moments, it matters. There are many options out there for photography, but let me explain a bit about my newborn sessions and how this connected, documentary look might be right for your family.

Connection First Photography

Newborn Photography Mom and Baby

First and foremost, my style of newborn photography is all about capturing the connection with your new baby— with Mom, Dad, siblings, pets, and even the environment around them. When we let go of poses, and the idea we need to create perfection, it allows me to witness a significant chapter in your story unfolding. The early days seem chaotic, but they are a beautiful beginning.  

Baby is in Charge

We always work at the baby’s pace. As a photographer, I follow their lead as opposed to trying to get this tiny, unpredictable human to work on my schedule. If your baby is awake and wide-eyed the whole session, awesome! Are they comfortably sleeping the entire time? This will make for great shots too.  

Baby Feet newborn documentary

Perhaps they are crying and only want to be held, that is OK as well. You do life and let me capture these moments. There are ways we can include siblings, both parents, and even fur babies that respect your new baby’s desire to be held, rocked, or swaddled.

Minimal Props

This one might get some disagreement but hear me out.

  • Your baby is magnificent the way they are.
  • Your home is perfect the way it is.
  • Your relationship with your new baby does not need to be altered to produce an image worthy of hanging on your wall.

In general, I feel like props take away from my ability to offer this connected, emotive style that keeps with my belief that your new baby is perfect without alterations.

I will certainly work significant pieces into the session because they are important to you and your family. However, I aim to do this in a naturally occurring way. Less is more.

There will be much time down the road for angel wings, metal farm buckets, and every staged photo you can imagine. However, these first few weeks at home, the beginning of this new chapter, it’s here for a fleeting moment. I encourage you to equally embrace the simplistic beauty that your space holds on its own as you might the artistically crafted newborn images we often see.

Documentary Newborn Photography Includes Everyone

I know this is probably the start of one chapter of many in your ever-changing story. I think newborn sessions should embrace as much of your story as possible, other siblings, and fur babies too.

newborn photographer spokane

We bring in older siblings first on these shoots to make sure we capture their interest while it is high. I like to show these big brothers and sisters a little extra love because their lives are changing too. I feel like it’s important to show them just how special they are as well.

If you’re like me, your first child was one with four-legs. This is why I strive to capture your fur babies with your latest addition. Dogs will roll in and out of these newborn sessions as well. Often it doesn’t happen right away, but by the end of our time together, we can catch some super sweet moments with the whole pack.

Newborn Photography Spokane Dogs

Newborn Photography At Home

Being in-home might be my favorite part. We do these sessions in the comfort of your home, where your family feels the most relaxed. There is no need to clean before I get there. Trust me; I understand how crazy the first few weeks (months and years too) are. Rearranging things for lighting and scooting clothes out of the way is something I’m happy to do.

Natural light is my preference for this documentary style. More than likely, your home has at least one window that will work great. It might be the master bedroom, guest room, or the living room. I’ll take a quick look around when I get there to scope this out, so don’t be surprised when we spend a big chunk of time in your guest bedroom if it has killer light.

Newborn Safety

These sessions respect the importance of safety. Babies have a delicate immune system in the beginning, and being able to have the photographer come to you as opposed to taking them out to a studio is an excellent way to limit exposure. Also, since we aren’t using unnatural poses or props, your baby will always be positioned or held with safety in mind.

If you’re looking for a photography session that really captures who you are as a growing family, I encourage you to look more into a Newborn Documentary Style at-home session. It’s really a beautiful way to capture this space as it authentically is. Embrace the beauty in the chaos and capture the images today you want tomorrow.

Schedule a free consultation here or drop me an email if you have more questions.

I hope you found this information helpful, and it expanded your view a bit on newborn photography options.



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