Newborn Photography Myths

4 Newborn Photography Myths

April 8, 2021

Newborn Photography Myths

From angel wings and fluffy clouds to raw documentary moments right after childbirth, newborn photography options are diverse and growing by the minute. My particular style is smashed somewhere between those two. You can read more about my Spokane newborn photography here if you’d like. However, today I want to dispel four newborn photography myths as they relate to my philosophy.

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Myth #1 – Newborn Photography involves elaborate poses and outfits

Friends, a new human was just grown in a belly and birthed into this world in a way that, when you give it thought, is nothing short of a miracle. Please tell me how a pair of angel wings can eclipse that?

I wholeheartedly believe when we strip away the outfits, props, and Pinterest-worthy poses, we allow the real miracle of a new life to shine. By stripping off the excess, we also let connection come through. The connection to the parents, siblings, environment, and even fur babies flourishes when excess goes away. Moments where it feels still and the strongest feeling is a beautiful connection are the images I aim to capture for you.

Trust me. There will be many times for poses and creative setups right around the corner. But these new moments you won’t get back and should be remembered the way they unfold.

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Myth #2 – Baby Needs to Be Asleep

Since we have already let go of elaborate posing (see Myth 1), we can also acknowledge there is no reason for the baby to be anything other than how they are feeling in the moment. I allow 1-2 hours for in-home newborn sessions, and during that time, babies are often a mixture of awake, crying, eating, and chill. Sometimes they cry the entire time. That’s OK.

Connected and emotive moments can be captured with the baby wide awake or feeling all the feels of entering a big new world.

Newborn Photography Myths

Myth #3 – Newborn Photography Should be in a Studio

As a Spokane photographer who also does studio work, trust me, newborn photography is best at home. Whether your home is custom-designed and 5,000sq ft or a cozy apartment, you do life best where you live.

Tied onto this, I should also add, please don’t clean your house before a newborn session. I only need one window with good light, a clean bed, YOU and your baby. We can slide anything to the side that might be in the frame, but the camera won’t capture most of your home.

What you see and what the camera sees during a session are quite different. Promise.

Myth #4 Newborn Photography is Stressful

If I make it stressful for you, then I’m doing it wrong. Let’s summarize the previous newborn photography myths.

  • Newborn photography shines at home, AND your home doesn’t need to be cleaned, organized, or decorated.
  • Newborn photography doesn’t need elaborate poses or props.
  • Your baby can be however they feel. Awake or asleep is perfect.

As a Spokane newborn photographer, my goal is to hold space for your family to exist the way they are. I don’t believe any alterations are needed to embrace your unique beauty as a growing family. When we remove the expectations for our new child, our home, AND ourselves, we can bless and release the stress that goes along with it.

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Letting Go of Expectations

I think if I had to make one large pass at my beliefs as a Spokane newborn photographer, it would be this.

When we let go of ANY preconceived notions or expectations of ourselves and the new life we are celebrating, we hold space for authentic beauty.

My sessions look a bit different for every family, but my goal isn’t to create something but to witness what is already there.

New life is beautiful, and I hope that however you choose to document it, you let go of the expectations a bit. If you decide to go the route of partnering with a professional photographer, let’s chat! I love partnering with families to capture these new moments. You can drop me a note right here- let’s chat.

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