At Home Newborn Photography

What to Expect with At Home Newborn Photography

February 12, 2022

At Home Newborn Photography

Your first few weeks home with a newborn can be a total whirlwind, mixed with a bit of uncertainty and chaos. However, your at-home newborn photography session shouldn’t feel this way. Read on to learn what to expect and how to prepare for these heartfelt photoshoots with your new baby.

First, a little disclaimer. There are many styles of photography out there for newborn babies. As a Spokane newborn photographer, mine definitely drifts to the side of documentary. If you’re unsure what this looks like, I encourage you to read about my style in this post on Documentary Newborn Photography. If you’re ready to dive into a session, read on, friend.

At Home Newborn Photos

How Long Are At Home Newborn Photos Going to take?

Good question! This is a bit of a tough one. I tell most clients to expect them to roughly last for 60 minutes, I’ll book for you 90 minutes, and if I need to go 30 minutes over, that’s OK.  

Whew, that was a mouthful!

But here’s the deal. We are on the baby’s schedule. When babies need to eat, they eat. If a baby need’s a nap, we let them fall asleep. This means I will give your family the space to move slowly and naturally throughout the session while capturing these special moments as they unfold.

On the morning of the session, try not to make any other plans to give extra time if we need to adjust.

Prep Tip

Where We Will Photograph Baby in Your Home

The first thing I look for is light in your home. It doesn’t have to be much; even one small window can give us exactly what we need. The main bedroom, living room, and nursery all photograph well. Shooting in multiple locations gives you a good variety in your gallery.

I LOVE shooting images of your new baby on a family bed. It gives lots of space to frame them in nice light and capture a sweet portrait. Secondly, I love piling the family into the bed together. It feels intimate and close, having everyone cozy in the bed.

Don’t worry about cleaning before I get there, but consider turning the heat up a couple degrees, so babe is comfortable when we set them down for a few photographs.

Prep Tip
Nine Mile Falls Newborn Photographer

What to Wear for At-Home Newborn Photography

I don’t believe in telling you exactly what to wear because my first concern is that you feel like yourself and comfortable to move about the session. Although, with newborns, I think there are a few things to think about.

  1. Newborn babies do not come out fitting clothes well. So, set aside the elaborate outfits for now and choose something well-fitting that allows the beautiful details of a new life to shine. Consider dressing the baby in a simple onesie.
  2. Parents, wear clothes to feel comfortable sitting on the ground or cuddling your baby in bed. Avoid clothes you’ll need to keep adjusting.
  3. If you choose to breastfeed, wear clothes that allow you to easily do this. You may need to stop for a feeding session mid-shoot.

When thinking about dressing the whole family, lay your clothes out on the bed altogether. This often gives a glimpse into how everything will photograph together.

Prep tip
Nine Mile Falls Newborn Photographer

Don’t forget this about your newborn photoshoot

Hopefully, the tips shared here today will give you a few ideas about making the best of your day. However, the most essential part of my newborn photography is to engage with your family and let me worry about the rest. If you only remember this from my post, please release the stress of this day.

When you feel comfortable, and we let your baby guide our session, your photos will be a success.

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At Home Newborn Photography


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