Newborn and Dog photography

Newborn Photography with Dogs: 3 Ways to Include Dogs in Baby Photos

February 13, 2022

Newborn and Dog photography

Two of the world’s best things? Newborn babies and dogs. It’s a scientific fact (I’m sure). If you’ve ever been a dog owner and are now welcoming home a new baby you know what I mean.  They are too huge parts of your world coming together and what better way to celebrate than newborn and dog photography together.

As a Spokane newborn photographer, I know the significance of being able to include your entire family in your photoshoot. Because I’m that dog mom, too!  Read on to find out my top 3 ways to include dogs in your newborn photography session.

#1 Photograph the whole family in a central living space

When I first enter a home for dog and newborn photography, I try to keep us all in the main living space until the family dogs adjust to me in their home.

Putting baby and family on the couch, you can allow any dogs to get situated where they feel comfortable while still giving the photographer space to recompose.  Most of the time your pup will come to check out what you’re doing on the couch and make some come cute photos.

Newborn Photography With Dog

#2 My favorite prompt for newborn photography with dogs

I love having one parent love on baby and one adult or sibling love on the dog close by. Capturing both dog and baby separately but together is a fun way to get an engaged photograph with plenty of connection.

Dogs Butts Happen.  If you know, you know. Dogs will inadvertently sit with butt to camera.  Don’t sweat it. We can call the dogs attention for a quick, cute photo or leave them as is and it shows the attention they are paying your newest addition.

Dog and Newborn Photos

#3 Sleepy Photos with Newborn and Dogs

Sometimes the best thing you can do is nothing at all. Dogs like to sleep, so do newborns.  They get along great this way. Be patient at the end of a session and let dogs settle from the excitement while you cuddle your baby to sleep. These end-of-session photos where everyone crashes are gold.

If dogs aren’t settling with a photographer in the room, I’ll often sit outside the room and shoot in.  Leaving a dog’s immediate space almost immediately settles the scene.

At Home Newborn Session Spokane

Safety Note for Newborn Photography with Dogs

Please note that all my suggestions do NOT force poses with dogs and babies. Even the best dog can be agitated with a stranger taking photos. Furthermore, a new baby can add to the nerves and protectiveness of family pets.  Safety should always be your first thought when mixing everyone together for a photo. When in doubt, back away and shoot the scene as it naturally unfolds.

Spokane Newborn Photography

If you can’t tell by now, I’m a huge believer in including dogs in all photo sessions. Dogs are family and I believe there is always a way to include them. For more on exactly how I craft a session to include family pets, check out the post below.

Including Dogs in Family Photos.

Cheers! MB

A Spokane photographer, serving the Inland NW.

Spokane Photographer

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Life’s biggest adventures in modern photos co-crafted with you. Spokane Photographer | Serving the Pacific Northwest

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