Inland NW Summer family photos

Keeping Your Cool: 5 Tips for Inland Northwest Family Photos This Summer

June 23, 2023

Inland NW Summer family photos

Just like the smell of s’mores over a campfire or that wild cannonball splash into the lake, unforgettable summer memories are calling your name. But let’s face it, as much as we love the sun, the thought of a family photoshoot under the hot Inland Northwest sun (or wildfire smoke) might be making you break out in a sweat before we’ve even begun. Fear not. Your ideal summer photoshoot is closer than you think. Here’s how to overcome the summer heat, late evenings, and all those small details to make your Inland Northwest family photos a one-of-a-kind adventure.

Embrace the Golden Hour: Tips to Stay Up Late or Get Up Early

Who doesn’t love a sun-kissed, perfectly warm summer evening in the Inland Northwest? Imagine your family bathed in the soft, golden light of the setting sun, as natural as the connection between you. Here’s the inside scoop — it’s also cooler, so those beads of sweat won’t be gatecrashing your photoshoot. Trust me on this; Summer sessions might feel late, but come mid-July into August, you’ll welcome the cooler shift right before sunset.

Not an evening person? Well, golden hour comes twice a day, and morning light is equally stunning and a little easier on the younger kiddos’ schedules.

Before you right off a golden hour session, you can dive deeper into the magic of golden hour and why it might be the secret sauce to your summer family photos in this blog post. Plus lots of tips for keeping kiddos up past bedtime.

golden hour photo mom with toddler

Summer Styles: Dressing Up (or down) for Your Inland Northwest Family Photos

Swapping winter layers for summer styles is as much a part of the season as the blooming wildflowers at Mt Spokane. Summer family photos are a chance to show off those breezy, vibrant outfits. Cotton and linen are your summer friends — breathable, comfortable, and oh-so gorgeuous in photos.

You can still layer in summer photos; just think about lightweight shirts and cardigans.

Whether in summer heat or frosty winter days, the goal is first to feel comfortable and confident in your clothes. Don’t stress the colors as much and instead focus on how you’ll all feel together.

downtown Spokane family photo session with dogs at sunset

Beating the Heat without a family meltdown

Nobody wants sunburn or heatstroke crashing their family photoshoot. And while we can’t control the weather, we can certainly prepare for it. Cool water, sunscreen, and showing up hydrated makes all the difference. This isn’t just about surviving the summer heat — it’s about embracing it. Who says you can’t have an epic water fight during your photoshoot or stomp through the river? You’re making memories after all! And sometimes, these are the best ones to document.

Location Scouting: Picking Your Perfect Summer Location for Inland Northwest Family Photos

The Inland Northwest is bursting with potential photo spots. But here’s the deal: Not every beautiful location is right for a summer photoshoot. Head up into the mountains for a cooler atmosphere — the stunning Mt Spokane State Park might be calling your name. The top road opens around June and closes in September. It’s the perfect way to beat the heat or wildfire smoke.

Mt Spokane State Park

If the beach vibe is more your style, nothing cools everyone off like a riverside photoshoot. Check out some family photos at Deep Creek in Riverside State Park.

Family photos outdoors

And for the heat-shy, in-home sessions can be just as magical. Want an example of what in-home family photos are like? I’ve got you covered with this recent session.

In Home Family Photos

Remember, we’re not just taking photos – we’re documenting real life in all its glorious, chaotic charm. For more ideas, head to my portfolio for more examples of Inland Northwest family photos in the heat of Spokane summers.

For the Dogs: Summer Photos with Your Furry Friends

You didn’t think I’d forget our four-legged family members, did you? Dogs— they hold a special place in our hearts (and our photos). Remember to think about their comfort, too. Asphalt heats up quickly, so let’s avoid that. Even having to walk in over a parking lot or trail that’s paved can be problematic.

Bring water for your pets and choose a location with shade. They’ll thank you for it, I promise.

no bad dogs quote

Your summer family photos don’t have to be a mirage. They’re right there, within reach, and the journey doesn’t have to be a hot and stressful ordeal. Remember, it’s about leaning into the wild imperfections of life. It’s about the real connections and the adventure included.

So, when the summer sun is high in the sky, let’s welcome it. Bring the sunscreen, the laughter, and the playfulness. And don’t forget to bring the dog along.  Together, we’ll make sure your summer family photos are a cool breeze, full of beautiful moments that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. Let’s go on this adventure together!

Ready to book your summer family photo session? Get in touch, and let’s turn this summer into a season of unforgettable memories, captured forever in memories to hang on your wall.

Life’s biggest adventures in modern photos co-crafted with you. Spokane Photographer | Serving the Pacific Northwest

Life’s biggest adventures in modern photos co-crafted with you. Spokane Photographer | Serving the Pacific Northwest

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