newborn photoshoot at home

Preparing for a Professional Newborn Photoshoot at Home

April 14, 2022

newborn photoshoot at home

A professional newborn photoshoot at home is a low-stress opportunity to document the raw first moments at home with the newest addition to your family. However, even given the relaxed nature of these shoots, it’s still helpful to know how to prepare.

After several years serving families around Spokane as a newborn photographer, I’ve compiled some easy tips to help you prepare for your newborn photoshoot at home.

You might be asking what an at-home newborn photoshoot is? Check out this blog on Documentary Newborn Photography for my style as a newborn photographer in Spokane, and the rest of this post will make more sense.

newborn photoshoot at home

Scheduling a Newborn Photoshoot at Home

The first step in planning a newborn photoshoot at home is getting on the calendar. Once a family knows they are expecting a new baby, I suggest tentatively getting on the calendar. Whether you’re scheduling with another fantastic photographer or me, sooner is better.

Hopping on the calendar as early as possible allows me to hold a spot for you around the month you are due. As soon you have your new baby, give me an email or text, and we can get you scheduled within just a few days. I always hold certain times of the week open for new babies and commit to just a handful of due dates every month to ensure quick scheduling.

Spokane newborn photoshoot

Preparing your home for a photographer

Most people don’t believe me when I say there isn’t much to do. I have shot in some of the smallest spaces, and the photos have been epic.

However, if you want to do a few things on the day off, here are a couple of ideas.

Make sure there are clean sheets on the master bed. I shoot here often.

Turn the heat up just an extra degree or two. Increasing the temp a bit helps keep the baby warm and comfy if we try some shots of them alone.

Have a swaddle blanket clean and ready to be used.

Preparing baby for photos

Baby is in charge on the day of our shoot. I can’t stress this enough. My posing and philosophy around the entire process are with the babe’s safety and comfort in mind. After all, we are dealing with a new human who just entered the world.

Having them in a clean diaper and a simple onesie is a great way to start the shoot. Often newborn outfits don’t fit, so I suggest keeping them simple.

Tip – On the day of the shoot, I love to capture moments of baby feeding (no matter what that looks like). Please roll with your regular schedule and let me capture those specials moments you might not even notice.

newborn baby yawn

Tips for Preparing other Family Members for Newborn Photos At Home

  • Parents – Where clothes you can sit, lay, or stand in with comfort. Things like baseball hats are OK but sometimes can obscure your face in certain moments. I love to ask families to get close together, so wearing something you can move in is great.
  • Siblings – Never surprise them with a session. Keep them involved and even for the littlest kiddos, let them be part of the planning process. Also, having them fed before the shoot and snacks on hand helps quite a bit.
  • Are you including dogs? I sure hope so! Please check out this post about having dogs in newborn photos.
Sibling newborn photography

Note on Siblings: My expectations for siblings are low. Their world is changing a lot, and I want them to feel involved and supported in our shoot. Even if they only give us 5 min of participating, I’ll get great shots.

Some final thoughts on baby photos at home

Serving Spokane families with newborn photos is legitimately my favorite. Especially with this low-stress, documentary approach. The best way to prepare is to be present that morning and let your baby guide us through the session.

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Life’s biggest adventures in modern photos co-crafted with you. Spokane Photographer | Serving the Pacific Northwest

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