SEO Blogging Do and Don't

4 SEO Blogging Do’s and Don’ts for Photographers

April 19, 2022

SEO Blogging Do and Don't

Hey friends! If you’ve followed along all this month, we’ve been talking about SEO and blogging. Last week we featured Neyssa Lee Photography talking about effective blogging, and this week is focused on SEO blogging for photographers. Specifically, my top 4 SEO blogging Do’s and Don’ts.

Are you making sure you’re doing these and not those? Read on to find out how to improve your SEO blogging game.

#1 SEO Blogging Keywords

Don’t blog to blog without a specific keyword goal in mind. This is a huge mistake many photographers make. Even seasoned photographers skip this step. If you don’t know why you’re blogging about a specific thing and how someone might end up there, you are wasting your time.

Do use sites like Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, and Moz to test out your keyword ideas and see if they will convert. If you’re new to keyword planning, I have a great post. Keyword Planning for Photographers.

keyphrase planning graphic

#2 Using Subheadings for SEO Reach

Don’t use your exact keyphrase in every subheading (H2 tag). This can be viewed as keyword stuffing, and while Google appreciates the not-so-subtle hints, it frowns on too much of the same text.

Do use subheadings to break up your text, so it reads naturally and has a good portion of those headings, including your keyphrase. As an example, if I have 4 subheadings, 2 will include my keyphrase.

#3 Internal Linking in SEO Blogging

Don’t skip linking or use links that don’t relate to your keyword.

Do use internal links that recommend related pages of your website and external links to other good sites.

Example: If I was blogging about Family Photography at Dante Park, I would use internal links to go back to my family photography page and an external link to send people to the Dante Park website.

#4 Photographers, Images, and Blogging

Don’t use high-resolution images on your blog. Period. I know we all want to use our beautiful, high-res images to show off our work, but it will slow down users loading your page. Site performance is huge in SEO, and if your page loads slow, google will lose interest quickly.

Do use resized images related to your topic. I found this helpful link on resizing images for blogging. It’s a bit of trial and error with image size and quality. Once you find that sweet spot in resolution, save it and use it every time.

Final Thoughts on SEO Blogging for Photographers

Blogging can be SEO gold for photographers when done right. It’s a fantastic tool to reach out to ideal clients without social media (Yay!) and share our art with the world. With a few tweaks to your process, you can get your images in front of people soon.

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