black and white newborn photography family

When to take Newborn Photos?

October 8, 2021

black and white newborn photography family

Whether you’re in your first trimester and already thinking about newborn photos or your new baby is already here, many parents find themselves wondering, “When to take Newborn Photos?”. As someone who serves families with documentary in-home newborn photography, I get some version of this question a lot.

While there isn’t a black and white answer for the best time for newborn photos, there are some general guidelines. The following is what I recommend to my clients when this question pops up.

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The Ideal Time To Take Newborn Photos

6 Days to 2 weeks, plus or minus a day, is the general consensus among photographers for ideal newborn photography. If you’re looking for the wrinkly, sleeping, squishy, and sometimes alien-looking new baby goodness, the earlier, the better.

This early window is especially important if you’re looking at newborn photography that includes props and poses. Having a sleepy newborn is ideal for pulling off some complicated poses. My photography style is pose and prop free which makes this a bit less important. Read more about my philosophy and baby-led, documentary newborn photography here.

How late is too late for newborn photos?


It’s NEVER too late to photograph your baby. Go ahead and read that one again. If you are asking the question, “is it too late” the answer is no.
While you’re reading, this is the best time to schedule baby photos, and the second-best time is tomorrow.

There are many reasons why the first few weeks might not be ideal. Complications can keep you and your baby in the hospital longer. For preemies and multiples, it’s often not safe or possible to do newborn photography immediately after birth. Or perhaps you’re just not ready, which is OK too, friend.

You may miss the window for the super sleepy, posed images, but it doesn’t mean your newborn photos will be any less impactful or cherished at 6 weeks. In fact, I’ve shot many sessions with babies over a month that came back amazing.

Older Newborn Photography

Baby Photography Options After Newborn

OK, so I know I said it’s never too late, but what if your newborn is now 3 months? Or, you’ve done newborn photos, but the photography bug has bitten, and you want more?

Many photographers are now offering Milestone Sessions, both in-home and in the studio. These sessions are aimed at capturing how each stage of babyhood looks for your family. More often than not, these are a more condensed session and usually accessible enough to do a few times before your little one hits the year mark.

If you’ve never heard of this post newborn option, check out a baby milestone here.

Baby Milestone Sessions

Don’t forget this about newborn photos

The most vital part about newborn photography is that you document it somehow. Maybe that’s with a local photographer who can come to your home or possibly your friend and their iPhone.

Let go of the details and focus on…

..Life as is and Love Without a Filter.

I hope you found this blog helpful when it comes to planning your own newborn photos. Be sure to check out my favorite newborn photography myths busted!


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