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May 16, 2021

Baby Milestone Sessions Photography

Baby photography doesn’t need to stop with a newborn session. Significant changes are happening in a child’s first year: First smiles, tummy time, crawling, and walking, are only a few. My goal as a Spokane family photographer is to capture these moments in a relaxed way that honors your baby’s space. In-Home Baby Milestone Sessions offer freedom and flexibility to document not only your baby but how your life as a family is growing along the way.  

Why In-Home for Family Photography

As a family photographer, I’ve shot sessions outdoors, in a studio setting, and at home. What I’ve learned is images people connect with are captured in spaces where they naturally thrive. Some families thrive on the trail in the woods, but especially for new families, life is happening best at home.

In-home baby milestone sessions also allow us to go beyond the typical first smile, first tooth, etc. When we step out of the studio and into the home, we can capture baths in the kitchen sink, storytime as a family, backyard exploration, and sweet cuddles with the family pet. We can capture images that go beyond a simple picture to tell the story of life at that moment in time.

The Best Time for Milestone Sessions

The standard recommendation for baby milestone sessions is three months, six months, nine months, and 12 months. However, what I want to add is that every child and family is different. It may make sense to have a session at 18 months to catch more active walking. Perhaps one month because you didn’t get a chance for a newborn session and want to capture a few early moments.

Q & A for In-Home Milestone Sessions

Q. How long are they?

A. At-home Milestone sessions tend to be short and sweet. 45 Minutes is generally more than enough time.

Q. What’s a typical shoot like

A. We will discuss ahead of time what you want to capture most. Perhaps it’s storytime, bathtime, or playing in the backyard. I recommend one activity per milestone. In addition to the activity, I will grab the typical milestone shots as well. Smiles, crawling, sitting up, etc.

Q. How Many Photos Do You Receive?

A. Every session comes with 15-20 high-resolution digital files in color and black and white. As a bonus, you’ll get a free 5 x 7 because I think printing your images is SO important.

Q. What about pricing?

A. Milestone sessions are sold individually or as a package of four shoots. Any baby before age 2 is eligible

Q. Are other family members included in the shoot?

A. While I will always strive to include all family members in milestone sessions, I only guarantee to capture the baby as our time is short. If you’re interested in an expanded session for multiple children, I recommend looking at a family session.

To find out more, check out pricing and booking for my milestone sessions here.

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Whether you hire a professional photographer or not, I encourage every to slow down and remember to capture these sweet moments of your child’s first year. They change so fast, friends!.

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