Downtown Spokane Family Photography

How to Choose the Perfect Family Photo Location

May 25, 2023

Downtown Spokane Family Photography

Sometimes the most challenging part about planning your yearly family photos is deciding on the perfect family photo location. As a Spokane, WA family photographer, I have a handful of places I always recommend as great choices, but sometimes it’s still hard to select one spot.  

In this post, I’m going to talk about a few things to consider that will help your narrow down choosing the right photo location for your family this year.

Accessibility in photo locations matters

Before choosing locations with beautiful sunsets, golden fields, and epic water river views, always consider accessibility needs.  

Ask yourself these questions when it comes to accessibility –

  • Does anyone in my group have limitations on how far they can comfortably walk or handle uneven terrain?
  • Will there be wheelchairs or walkers?
  • Is anyone planning on wearing clothes that will change how well people can navigate terrain?
  • I’m specifically talking about footwear with this.

On the flip side of the question, consider if you’re willing to walk down a dusty hill or hike for 15-20 minutes to get to a unique location. As often as I find families that need a more accessible spot, I have families welcoming a longer trek for bigger payoffs.

One of my favorite Hike In Photo Locations is Deep Creek

Always communicate your accessibility needs with your family photographer because this can significantly adjust what we recommend.

Consider where your family does life best together 

The absolute best photos are when your family is relaxed and engaging together. Relaxing in front of a camera is tough, no matter what anyone says. However, being in a space where your family feels at ease greatly relaxes everyone.

Think about things like where your family likes to hang out on the weekends or spend summers. It could be at the river or in the woods. You may have kids that need an open field to run and play. Or your family feels most at home close to the hustle and bustle of downtown.

Sometimes we find the answer is staying home. Many fantastic family photo sessions have happened in the security of the family home.

Deer Park Family Photography

Choose a family photo location that is diverse

Once you’ve figured out accessibility needs and what settings your family vibes best at, start looking at what a spot offers.  

The best family photo locations offer multiple elements to photograph and explore. Location diversity is especially important for keeping young kids engaged.

All of the locations I recommend have several different elements. For example, we might pick a river location, but it also has a bridge, forest, and a small rocky field. That variation gives your family many options for a diverse gallery to choose from when we are done. PLUS keeps children engaged.

Nine Mile Falls Family PHotography

Bonus Tip: Consider how dog-friendly your location will be if you’re bringing a dog. Having a dog at a session is always a fantastic addition in my book. However, there are some dos and don’ts when preparing and executing the best dog-friendly family photos. Check out Family Photos with Dogs for more information on how to set your family up for success when including pets.

Spokane WA Family Photography Locations

I hope this post gave you a few ideas when selecting where you want to have your family photos. If you’re in the Pacific NW (and we get to work together), know that I help you take a lot of the guesswork out of the process. However, I value choosing locations that speak to your family over something aesthetically nice. So, when we work together, I strive to curate an experience that tells your story.

Here are a few other helpful articles regarding planning and executing your perfect family photo shoot.

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