Family Photography Session Spokane

Family Photography Session – What to Expect

January 24, 2021

Family Photography Session Spokane

So, you’ve booked your session, and you’re wondering what’s next. Or perhaps you’re on the fence if a family photography session with me is right for you. Well, you’re in luck! Today I’m going to break down the anatomy of what to expect at a family photography session when you end up in front of my camera.

Spokane Family Photography Session Riverside State Park

Before the Camera Comes Out

Before we get started shooting, I think introductions are vital. We will take time to make sure everyone is ready to go and answer any questions. The first few minutes is also an excellent chance to let children explore a bit to let them feel comfortable in the space. At this time, we will go over any “wish list” shots. I don’t guarantee specific poses, but I will do my best to make sure we get images that capture things you value most.

After everyone gets settled, we will go over a rough plan for the shoot, gather up our things, and get started.

Spokane Family Photography Session Bowl and Pitcher Photographer Spokane WA
Black and White Spokane Dog Photography Portrait
Dog Tip: Arrive extra early and let them walk around and smell. Yes, friend. Let. Them. Smell. Smelling is the dominant sense for a dog, whereas vision is ours. Did you know some dogs have 300 million scent receptors? Whoa!

What about Poses and Prompts?

Not really, and sort of. 

Clear as mud, right?  

Family Photography Session Spokane Deep Creek
Family Photograph Session Liberty Lake

My style of photography is smashed between traditional photography and documentary. Traditional meaning someone perfectly poses you for the most flattering light and composition (fine-tuning all the details)—documentary meaning life “as is” and capturing everything as it happens in the least intrusive manner.

Don’t worry! I won’t leave you hanging. I will absolutely give gentle prompts along the way to encourage natural interaction in the most flattering manner. And guys? I’m going to remind you to do something with your hand besides letting it hang by your side… about 100 times that day.

Our sessions will feel like a conversation, and I’ll be guiding you along the way to encourage interactions for impactful images. However, there will also be those downtimes as we walk from one place to the next that I will be looking for those totally unscripted in-between moments. 

They are my personal favorite.

But you still need that one posed photo for Grandma? That happens, too. We will make sure to get a few traditional shots to round out the session as well.

Ample Time for a Spokane Family Photography Session

I allow roughly 90 minutes for any of my sessions – Pet, Newborn, and Family. If there are young children or pets, I sometimes give even more of a buffer. However, the actual shooting time is more like 45 minutes. If everything goes smoothly, I can often get more than enough images before an hour is up.  

So why a 90-minute window? 

Because life happens. Full stop. Children need snacks, babies need diaper changes, dogs might be scared of the camera, and sometimes we just need to regroup and try something new.

The beauty of a full 90-minute session is we allow life to unfold and roll with it. Nothing will feel rushed or forced. If we get done sooner, great! But the time is there in case we need to adjust.

Another benefit of a more extended session is we can move around more in our space. This might mean we hike to the perfect spot or allow more time for setup. I once photographed a family rock climbing! It was rad, but the more extended session made this possible.

Need even more time to make your session dynamic? I can add on time in 30-minute slots. Just let me know before you book.

Adventure Cat Portrait Spokane WA

Preparing for a Family Photography Session

As many questions as you might have about what to expect, there are probably many about how to prepare. Check out this past blog post where I talk about how to prepare for your next Lifestyle Family Photography Session. Spoiler alert, the beauty of my sessions is there isn’t as much to get ready as you’d think.

I hope this gave you a window into what a family photography session looks like when you book with MB Bryant Images. I’m always grateful for the chance to serve local families as a Spokane photographer with a more relaxed take on what family photography should look like.

Interested in chatting more about a future session? Drop me a note here.

Tell me what your dream family photography session looks like. Rock climbing, baking cookies, or maybe letting your kids play at the river with your furbabies?



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