Family Photography Spokane Deep Creek

Spokane Family Photography at Deep Creek

January 22, 2021

Family Photography Spokane Deep Creek

Sometimes a bit of extra time can result in big rewards. This is how I feel about Deep Creek in Riverside State Park. While this location is more than a few feet from the parking lot, it makes up for the short walk with a natural playground delighting all ages. A flowing river, bridges, dense woods, towering rocks, and sandy shores made this Spokane family photography session at Deep Creek one of my favorites.

Riverside State Park Spokane WA Family Photography

This day was COLD. Late fall/winter sessions tend to be one of my personal favorite times as everything seems so still. The crowds quiet down, and the forests have this magical vibe to them. But as with most good things, there is often a price, and the price for this pristine space was some very chilly temps. However, you wouldn’t have known it was cold watching these children run around.

Riverside State Park Spokane WA Family Photography

A Short Hike for a BIG Pay Off in Photos

Good thing Deep Creek at Riverside State Park is about a 15-minute walk from the parking lot. This short jaunt gave us all time to warm up before jumping into exploring the area for some family photos.

If you’re wondering is it normal to “hike” into a session? The answer is YES, friend! I will always gladly pack up my camera and hike to a spot your family vibes at. In fact, I’ve been known to kayak in too. However, that’s a story for another day. Sometimes this makes for the best sessions.

Spokane Family Photographer

As a Spokane photographer, I’m lucky to be surrounded by many great options for sessions just outside our backdoors. Deep Creek is definitely on the top of my list. A short hike down the Centennial Trail transports you to another world. But what I love most isn’t the photo-worthy landscape but the awe it inspires in children.

My family photography sessions are laid back, and I strive to make this time a comfortable space for kids to explore the world around them. Now on this day, there were smiles for sure, but sometimes that doesn’t always happen. Guess what? That’s OK! My goal with every session is to hang out and hold space for your family to show up as they are.

The nature-loving, curious, silly vibe of these kiddos was contagious. I still feel it when I look at these images.

Deep Creek makes Spokane Family Photography Magical

I’m grateful any time I get to serve a family, but being in this rad space with such a sweet family made my day even sweeter.

If you’re considering a family photography session, you can see more about my style and approach to photography here. When I have a family in front of my camera, my goal is always to seek out those in-between moments, capturing images today you’ll wish had tomorrow.



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Life’s biggest adventures in modern photos co-crafted with you. Spokane Photographer | Serving the Pacific Northwest

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