Newborn photography in blue jumper on white bed

Ideas for Newborn Photos At Home In Small Spaces

April 22, 2023

Newborn photography in blue jumper on white bed

Welcoming a new baby to the family is part of your story and deserves to be documented. While some people head to the studio, many parents are looking for ideas for newborn photos at home. However, not everyone has a large home or a dedicated photography space.

Fear not! Some of my favorite newborn photo sessions have happened in small spaces.

newborn photoshoot at home

Why Small Spaces Can Work Great For In-Home Newborn Photos

I shoot primarily natural light in a family’s home for newborn photos. While sometimes we imagine these grand floor-to-ceiling windows with the sun pouring in, a smaller room and light source can achieve a different but just as relaxed vibe.

The ways shadows fall on a family from one small window in a nursery can be amazing. Enough light comes in to fall on the family, but it leaves the rest of the room in the shadows. This spotlight creates a natural focus on your newest baby.

As a bonus, a smaller light source does wonders to hide the clothes hamper or diaper boxes in the corner. So, win-win in my book.

Small spaces also keep your family closer together in a natural way for the shoot. What might feel cramped and “We are just on top of each other in this room”, to the camera can look cozy and intimate.  

It’s often challenging to get older siblings in photos with newborns, but everyone is naturally close together in a smaller nursery.

Spokane newborn photographer detail shots

Rooms and Spaces to Use For Your Newborn Photos In Your Home

I will almost always bring a family to the master bed for photos. Having a newborn on a bed allows me to move around at different angles while they are in a safe spot. After newborn shots solo, I love to cram the entire family on the bed for cozy photos.

The baby’s sleeping space works great for photos, too. If the baby has a dedicated nursery, it’s almost always a smaller room. But this is still great. When thinking about ideas for newborn photo spaces in a home, I always start here.

Beyond capturing the family together, grabbing detail shots of the nursery is something I almost always do.

Sometimes, the light and space in the master or nursery aren’t working out. I’ve done entire sessions in front of a living room window and sitting on a couch. A professional photographer can execute newborn photos well without leaving your living room.

Newborn Photography What to Wear for Family

Posing Ideas for Newborn Photos at Home When You’re Working With a Small Space

As a lifestyle newborn photographer, my brand of photography leans heavily into documentary and typically forgoes most traditional posing. However, with newborn photography, especially in small spaces, I give more guidance. You can learn more about my philosophy here if you’re interested.

Here Are Three Of My Go To Posing Ideas for In-Home Newborn Sessions

  1. One parent is holding the baby by a window while the second comes in on the side to snuggle up. I LOVE how light can fall when working with a smaller light source.
  2. Pull back of the nursery. Shooting outside of a room into it can make small spaces seem larger.
  3. Mom (or Dad) sits in a chair while siblings come to check out the baby. Putting the baby with a parent in a specific spot for the best light sets the shot for success, especially when you’re worried about the amount of light.
Spokane newborn photoshoot

A few Ideas on how to prepare for In-Home Newborn Photos

Pickup, don’t clean up.

Trust me when I say your photos won’t show if your floors have (or have not) been swept and vacuumed. For years I’ve told families not to worry about prepping their homes when I come over for photos.

However, many families feel better taking a quick pass over things, especially if you’re worried about the size of the space.

Here are a few things to do before your photographer comes to your home

  1. Move oversized items off tables. Bags, extra diaper boxes, or a big box of books can be scooted to another room or around the corner.
  2. Avoiding some things when taking photos in smaller spaces is often more challenging. So, ensure anything you don’t want in your photograph is out of the way. Some things common things I watch out for are medicines, mail, or packages with personal information.
  3. Put clean sheets or a comforter on your master bed. The main bedroom is where I shoot a few more wide shots. So including more of the actual room. Plus, I love getting a close-up of the baby on the bed.
Newborn photography small space

If you’re in the idea and planning stage of newborn photos in your home, I hope this post sheds some light on how possible and exceptional at-home newborn images can be. Even the smallest spaces produce the most intimate images you’ll cherish forever. At home, newborn photos are not something anyone regrets having later.

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