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Why Your Photography Website is Not Converting But it is Ranking

April 15, 2023

Website ranking but not converting graphic

There is nothing more frustrating than putting in the work for SEO on your website, and seeing it move up the ranks in Google, but your website is not converting. 

Good SEO is critical when it comes to bringing in traffic from Google. But SEO only gets you seen in search results; it doesn’t mean someone will click in or convert to a customer.

If you’ve optimized your site for SEO but wondering why it’s not resulting in website visits OR conversions, read on for some common things to look at it.

However, if you’re looking for a place to start with SEO and get ranked, I’ve got some resources for you, too, below.

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First, know your problem – Is it website visits or converting on your site?

When I work with other photographers on SEO, I often hear, “I’m ranking, but it’s not resulting in any inquiries.” It’s important to know where the breakdown is before coming up with a solution.

First, check your impressions versus clicks. In Google Search Console, navigate to performance; there, you can see by page how many impressions and clicks you have.

If you have lots of impressions but zero clicks, your problem is people clicking on your site.

However, if you have impressions AND clicks, work is needed on the website.

Truly understanding and diagnosing the specifics of your problem is critical to solving it. This is why I encourage all the businesses I chat with to sign up for things like Google Console and Google Analytics. They are free, and there are extensive tutorials on using both platforms.

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3 Things to Look at if Your Website Ranks But No One Is Clicking In

  1. Are you using the right keywords? It doesn’t matter if you’re ranking if no one searches for that key phrase. Examples of this are the location you used doesn’t match how someone searches the area. Your city may be too small, and people search for a bigger place. Or you use terminology in key phrases that your clients don’t when searching.
  2. Are your key phrases relevant to your business and what someone wants? Similar to the above, key phrase research matters. You might find your website gets lots of impressions, but it’s for things that don’t pertain to what you’re offering. It’s essential to dig into Google Search Console and understand what key phrases your website is being found by. Often you’ll find yourself accidentally focusing on irrelevant keywords and wondering why your website is not converting.
  3. How compelling are your meta descriptions? A meta description is that bit of text beneath the link to your site in Google search results. It’s also your only shot at getting someone to click on you first when they are scrolling the results. Make sure your meta descriptions use key phrases and have a few words that speak to your ideal client, like colorful, outdoors, bold, intimate, inclusive, etc.

If you’re new to keyphrase planning, check out this post for photographers setting up a key phrase plan.

3 Things to Check When Your Website is Getting Clicks but No One is contacting you

  1. First, check your website against the 10-second rule. In 10 seconds, will your website completely load? Can someone see where you are located, who you serve best, and what type of photography (or service) you offer? It needs to be more dynamic than you’re a photographer who works with families in Dallas, TX
  2. Ensure you have a straightforward journey on your website that ends in a conversion. A conversion can be submitting a contact form or signing up for a newsletter.
  3. Your website should target a specific person. Target your ICA through text, photos, and even colors. Speak directly to the type of person you want to work with and find ways to connect throughout your website.
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A few final thoughts on what to do when a website is not converting

Above are a few of the most common issues I see when helping people with their websites. SEO is my jam, but it only gets you so far.  

Putting ourselves in our client’s shoes will help push it across the finish line. Remember to think about how they will use your site, whether they relate to it, and if you are guiding them where you want them to go. 

People will go where you guide them. It’s a matter of getting in front of the right people and inviting them along the journey.

If you still need help understanding why you’re ranking but not converting, check out the options available here for photographers and other service-related businesses.



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