Maternity Photos Urban Kendall Yards

Downtown Spokane | Urban Maternity Photo Shoot

March 23, 2023

Maternity Photos Urban Kendall Yards

As a Spokane, WA, maternity photographer, I’m always searching for the perfect location for expecting moms and growing families. Would you consider a more urban maternity photo shoot to celebrate your pregnancy? Sometimes having maternity photos in Downtown Spokane is the perfect way to tell your story.

Kendall Yards Maternity Photos

Why you should consider a more urban maternity photoshoot

Accessibility is the number one reason families I work with opt for urban photos.

I recommend families consider maternity photos at around 32 weeks in their pregnancy. For many people, this means they are starting to slow down, and jumping onto a trail sounds challenging.

It’s not just how you feel that makes accessibility something to consider; it’s also the time of year.

Maternity photos are on the baby’s schedule, not during our favorite season. Many maternity photos happen in the winter months in Eastern Washington. Winter in Spokane means snow, ice, and cold temps. An urban shoot around Downtown Spokane can be ideal when conditions are problematic.

For many people, a shoot in Downtown Spokane matches your family’s vibe. It’s 100% perfect if your family would rather stroll Kendall Yards with a coffee from Indaba than hike up Beacon Hill.

Shooting photos where your family does life best will always produce photographs you’ll cherish for years.

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When to skip Photos in Downtown Spokane

One time during a maternity session along the Centennial Trail, I had a stranger jump in front of my clients and plank. Yes, plank on the ground as a photo bomb. Funny, but if you’re uncomfortable with extra attention, there are places we can go with more privacy. And less planking.

If you’re bringing dogs, be aware that distractions will be everywhere during your urban maternity photo shoot. The distractions are many from other dogs, scooters, cars, and kids carrying ice cream cones at dog nose level.

I have an entire post about dogs and maternity photos, so trust me… I want you to bring your dog. But it’s also essential to consider how your dog will handle the bustle of Downtown Spokane.

black and white maternity photos Spokane urban

Kendall Yards is an “Urban meets Inland NW” Photo Location for Your Maternity Photos

For any local Spokane Peeps, you might already be saying that these photos are of Kendall Yards, not Downtown Spokane. Yes, you’re right. But I’m grouping Kendall Yard into the downtown scene since it’s just a short stroll over the river.

I can think of 50 reasons why I love Kendall Yards for photos, but the top reason has to be the way this area beautifully combines the best of outdoors in the Inland NW with a very urban setting. It’s the downtown I wish we had growing up.

The Centennial Trail winds through Kendall Yards with the Downtown Spokane skyline in the background and the Spokane River in between. It doesn’t get much better than this.

black and white maternity photos Spokane urban

Choosing a more urban setting for your maternity photos can be a good idea, especially if you live here by me around Spokane, WA. How many cities have you visited with a river and falls running right through the heart of town?

However, if Downtown Spokane or Kendall yards isn’t your jam, I have a few other locations you might love for your next maternity photos.

Little Spokane Maternity Photos
Field Maternity Photos

My maternity photography looks different than others. If you believe in storytelling, connection, and the beauty in the simple moments, check out my Maternity and Newborn page.



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