Little Spokane Natural Area

Little Spokane River Maternity Photos

March 5, 2022

Little Spokane Natural Area

Are you starting to think up ideas for maternity photos in the Inland Northwest? The Little Spokane River is one location I love to recommend to clients looking for an area that represents the beauty of Spokane plus has ease of access. Read on for a few photos of this area and why I love this spot.

A little disclaimer, as a Spokane photographer, my style of maternity photos is a bit more documentary and raw than what you might typically see. If you want to see more of this style before jumping into locations, check out my family photography page here.

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A maternity photography Location that checks a lot of boxes.

The Little Spokane River, particularly the Little Spokane Natural Area, checks many items on my list when I start location scouting. Below are some things I consider when looking for new locations that the Little Spokane River provides.

  • Ease of Access – Not a lot of walking involved. You can be shooting within 1 minute.
  • Diverse Scenery – There are huge boulders, meandering trails, deciduous trees, and open fields in the same area. The best part is that it’s a diverse landscape without much work.
  • Bathroom Access – This often overlooked requirement is a must when I scout maternity or family locations.
  • Good light throughout the day.
Little Spokane Maternity Photo Session

Little Spokane River at Golden Hour

Did you know golden hour is not just in the evening? Yup! Golden hour is both first light and last light. Little Spokane Natural Area is super gorgeous in the morning, and I’d say even a little more dynamic. That early morning look has a cinematic feel. Trust me; it’s worth getting up a bit early.

I always love shooting at golden hour, but it’s even more special in places like this. The Little Spokane River Natural Area is gorgeous at golden hour. Light flows in with the towering trees and makes the fields surrounding the river feel like magic.

Golden Hour Maternity Photography

Little Spokane River Natural Area Details

There are many spots along the Little Spokane River for photos. One of the most popular (and easy to access) is the Little Spokane Natural Area. Here are a few details about this spot to take into consideration.

Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed in the area as it’s a protected natural space.

Discover Pass is required to park. You can buy one here online.

Weekends are busy. If you want to avoid the crowds, think about shooting in the early am or weekday evenings.

Little Spokane Natural Area Maternity Photos Family

The Little Spokane River is a unique place to shoot your next maternity session, especially if you dig the Inland Northwest vibe. For a bit more inspiration, check out a couple of other locations I love below.

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