Engagement photos with dogs black and white

Engagement Photos With Dogs – How-to Guide for Success

February 27, 2022

Engagement photos with dogs black and white

So, you said, YES! Congrats if you’re reading this and newly engaged. You might start thinking about engagement photos, including ideas, inspiration, and photographer reviews. This planning takes on new life when considering engagement photos with dogs. Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered from start to finish.

Dog Engagement Photograph

Why engagement photos with dogs matter

I unapologetically took my dog everywhere before a husband and kids. And guess what? I still do! My soul lights up a bit when someone reaches out and asks if they can include their dog in an engagement photoshoot. My answer is always YES! If we are anything alike, your original love has 4 paws.

“Every dog, every time” It’s how I respond to any inquiry with pets. With some planning and preparation, your original love can be seamlessly included in your engagement photos.

5 Quick Tips For Dogs at an Engagement Photoshoot

  1. Show up early with your dog to the location. Let dogs smell for 10-15 minutes before you plan on shooting. It helps them acclimate to the space.
  2. Select a location without many other distractions, like other dogs, traffic, loud noises, etc.
  3. Don’t wear pants the same color as your dog. White dog? Skip the white pants.
  4. If you don’t want your dog in every shot, bring a helper to hold your dog for images without your dog.
  5. Feed your dog ahead of time. Make sure your dog has eaten and gone potty pre-shoot.

Favorite Poses and Prompts with Dogs

Playing together as a family.

Don’t fight the movement. Some dogs just don’t want to stand still. I mean, most don’t, let’s be honest. Stop forcing them to be still and get some photos of your family walking together and playing together. This is a great first prompt while everyone is adjusting.

Winter engagement photo with dogs

Cuddle your dog

Another of my favorite poses involves getting in close and cuddling together as a family. What better way to celebrate your engagement photos with your dog than cuddle up together.

A note about cuddling together – I always ask to love up on your dog like your typically would at home. Not all dogs love this, and it’s important to not ask people to enter a dog’s space when they don’t want it, even for a cute photo.

Engagement Photos with black lab

Shots to Spotlight Dog

When I’m rolling through my shot list, I’m always looking for opportunities to take a standard shot then zoom in on the pup while the couple falls to the back. Same shot, different perspective.

As an example, in this setting, I asked the engaged couple to kiss while I shot that one image and then came in close to capture just the pup with the fur parents in the background.

Engagement photos with dog

Don’t forget this about including dogs in your photos…

The most important thing about engagement photos with dogs is that the dogs are with you. Curated images aren’t real life. But you know what is? The way you love the crap out of your dog, imperfections and all. Plus, the new relationship you’re building with your partner.

Let expectations go on the day of your shoot and enjoy life as is and love without a filter.

Black lab family photos

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