huntington park downtown spokane wa at sunset

Downtown Spokane Family Photos | Urban Photo Shoot

March 13, 2023

huntington park downtown spokane wa at sunset

As a family photographer based out of Spokane, WA, I’m lucky to have many fantastic, diverse options to take families for a session. However, many times urban settings need to be added to our radar. An urban vibe meets the natural elements that make the Inland NW an outdoor haven. Downtown Spokane offers a unique backdrop for family photos.

Spokane, WA huntington park family photo session

Why you might choose a place like downtown Spokane for your photos

Not all of us thrive with dirt under our feet on a trail in the woods. The best family photos happen when your family is in a location where they do life best. Your family might feel most at home strolling the streets of a bustling Saturday morning downtown. If this is the case, Downtown Spokane could totally be your vibe for a fun family photo shoot.

There is an undeniable ease of access to most of the downtown Spokane areas where I shoot family photos. Whether you have little walkers, a wheelchair, or don’t want to navigate variable terrain, choosing an urban location gives you unmatched accessibility.

If you’ve been doing family photos year after year, it might be time to mix it up regarding locations. Dropping in a shoot in downtown Spokane will bring instant diversity to this year’s family photos.

Just because you’re downtown doesn’t mean we can’t weave in breathtaking natural elements. Some of my favorite urban spots have fantastic views of the Spokane River and falls.

downtown Spokane family photo session with dogs at sunset

Pros and Cons of choosing an Urban Location For Photos

Let’s break this down to a simple list of pros and cons for photos in a more urban spot, like downtown Spokane.

Pros –

  • Accessibility
  • An urban vibe for those families that thrive in this environment
  • Unique backdrop. From statues, the gondolas, the Pavilion, or Centennial Trail. There are many options to bring something new to this year’s family photos.

Cons –

  • Taking photos in any urban area can be busy. Not only are you waiting for people to clear out, but be ready to be watched by onlookers. (I once had a stranger randomly plank in the middle of a maternity photo shoot}
  • Kids can’t always run free and explore when downtown. If you’re worried about small children running around, downtown might be a pass.
  • If you’d rather spend your weekends at the lake or hiking a local trail in Riverside State Park, pass on photos downtown that don’t speak to your family’s favorite way to do life together.
Family Photos in Spokane at Sunset with dogs

A few locations around Spokane, WA that have a more urban feel

If you think a more urban vibe would be a good option for your family photos, you’re in luck because Spokane has some rad options.

Huntington Park, in the heart of downtown, has some of my favorite views of the river and falls.
The only downside is the climb down and, of course, backup. Lots of stairs, so are prepared.

Riverfront Park is iconic in Spokane. From the Loof Carousel to the recently refurbished Pavilion, there are many fun photo options.

Kendal Yards has a unique feel as it’s a newer area for the urban scene. Also, it was mindfully created to combine urban elements while highlighting the natural beauty of Spokane.

These are just three spots, but options are plentiful when it comes to outside of the box location for urban family photography in Spokane, WA.

Spokane and the entire Inland Northwest are a gem of options for family photos. If you feel like it’s time to shake up your family photos (and don’t mind some crowds), a photo shoot in downtown Spokane might be right up your alley.

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And for more information on working together, drop me a note here. Even if you’re just in the brainstorming part, I love talking about ideas for crafting the perfect family photo.

Life’s biggest adventures in modern photos co-crafted with you. Spokane Photographer | Serving the Pacific Northwest

Life’s biggest adventures in modern photos co-crafted with you. Spokane Photographer | Serving the Pacific Northwest

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