Black and White In Home Newborn Spokane

After Your Newborn Photo Shoot | What’s Next

March 5, 2023

Black and White In Home Newborn Spokane

The hard part is done if you’re reading this post. You’ve chosen to have a newborn photo shoot, picked a day, and probably wonderfully handled your session. Now that the big stuff is behind you, it’s time to prepare for everything that comes next.

While waiting for your gallery to be delivered, scroll through this post to see what’s happening to your photos, what you’ll be getting, and how to make the most of our session together.

Taking newborn photos for Spokane families is an honor, but getting them to your inbox and physical album in your hand is even better.

Newborn Photo Display

What I’m doing with your photos after your newborn photo shoot

When I leave a family’s home, I head straight to my computer and back everything up. Then I back it up again, AND at night it syncs again to my business cloud storage. So rest assured, I’m diligent that your photos are well cared for from the moment I leave.

Here’s a little behind-the-scenes of how I work. While I back up the photos right away, I don’t edit or cull through a newborn photo shoot until 3 days after. Why? I’ve learned I need a few days distance to look at a picture objectively.

After the 3-day mark, I quickly make a pass at photos, keeping everything in focus and eliminating duplicates. At this point, your newborn photos go into my queue to be edited. You will get everything corrected in color and black and white.

When I edit photos from a newborn session, I look for images and details that tell a story as much as I look for that perfect shot of a baby looking toward the camera. It’s why you’ll soon see I give BIG galleries. Because the images you’ll have are more than a handful of what I think are the best images, they are the series of images that tell the story of how this chapter looks and feels.

Accessing Your Photos In The Online Gallery

Once you booked with MB Bryant Images, an online portal was created. This is where your questionnaire, invoices, and contracts all hang out. The best part, your gallery will be there, too. While your photos probably aren’t there yet, I’ll put the customer portal here.

Your gallery will have all the photos available for download in high resolution. You can download pictures in the upper right-hand corner all at once or individually to your phone. I recommend backing photos up to your computer as the files quickly occupy phone space.

Galleries are open for 30 days, so back up your photos when you can.

downloading images from your gallery instructions

If you’d like a second password so friends and family can see or order photos, please reach out here.

Designing Your Photo Book from Your Newborn Photo Shoot

As a family and newborn photographer, I strongly believe in having physical products or prints. Digital photos die a digital death. That’s why all my family and newborn sessions come with a custom photo book. Because I know how important having images printed will be in a few years.

Photo Album

After your gallery, expect an email with instructions on selecting the photos you’d like. At this time, you’ll also choose your cover, can purchase a second book copy for a grandparent, and decide if you want me to select the photos or if you’d like to choose what goes in the book.

Once you’ve submitted your favorites for the album and sent back the questionnaire, I get to work. Believe it or not, I spend a lot of time ensuring the album flows like a story and everything fits together. Generally, you expect to see your album 10 business days after submitting your favorite photos.

Ordering Prints, Wall Art, and Additional Product of Your Images

I hope your album gets you started with printed photos from your session, but it doesn’t need to end there. Your gallery includes a store function to order prints, canvases, metal prints, and more.

how to download photos from gallery

Any printed work I produce from your gallery is guaranteed for color and quality. Photos include a luster finish and professional paper with a standard archival value of 100 years in home display. This means your product will last for years to come. Silk or metallic paper is available upon request.

Note – Black and White prints use special paper to maximize the tone and avoid weird tints.

Shop Products Newborn Gallery

As an added bonus, anything 8 x 10 or larger comes with advanced editing to ensure everything looks right when you hang it on the wall. I can remove things like stray hairs, socks on the floor, or even a weird mark on a wall.

I hope you’re excited about getting your gallery, and this post preps for you the next step in our time working together. Photographing families in Spokane and surrounding communities is a privilege and an honor. Thank you for allowing me to witness a small part of your story.

Want a feel for the types of photos you might see? Please check out a portfolio of my newborn work.



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