AI for SEO and photographers black and white banner

Using AI for SEO and Content: Pros and Cons for Photographers

February 5, 2023

AI for SEO and photographers black and white banner

As photographers, you’re probably already using AI in your business. That groovy new masking tool in Lightroom, batch editing from companies like Phaito, or running an ad on Facebook. But recently, the conversation around AI has shifted significantly to AI for SEO and content creation.

Could this be too good to be true? Is AI going to replace having to write our content, do SEO, and other various other tasks so we can get back to shooting? Well, spoiler alert, I don’t think so.  

However, we’d be wise to start stepping into the waters and seeing how it can complement what we are already doing. Remember the people that swore digital cameras were a fad, “Film or Die”. Yes… Let’s not go that way with AI.

Photography is an art that requires a unique combination of technical skill and creative vision. In today’s digital age, we, as photographers, must also have a solid online presence. And a good online presence requires not only beautiful images but also effective search engine optimization (SEO) and engaging content. As a photographer and SEO consultant for creatives, I’ve been watching how this is coming together.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming a popular tool for photographers looking to improve their SEO and writing skills. While AI can offer many benefits, there are also some drawbacks to keep in mind.

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Pros of Using AI for SEO and Writing Blogs

  1. Saves Time: Time is a valuable commodity for any photographer, and AI can help you make the most of it. Automating tasks like keyword research and blog content creation can free up more time for you to focus on your photography. For example, AI programs can analyze your website and suggest keywords that are most relevant to your work, saving you the time and effort to conduct your research.
  2. Improved SEO: Keyword research is an essential aspect of SEO. AI can help you improve your search engine rankings by suggesting keywords most relevant to your work. Additionally, AI can help you optimize your website for search engines by analyzing your content and making suggestions for improvement. Semrush is my favorite tool for this.
  3. Better Content: Writing engaging blog posts is essential for building a solid online presence, and AI can help you achieve this goal. AI can create great starting points for blog creation. Additionally, AI can help you write more effectively by suggesting the best structure and tone for your blog posts. Grammarly is my go to for checking my tone
  4. Ideas based on Data, NOT Emotion. AI can also provide data-driven insights to help you make informed decisions about your content and SEO strategy. For example, AI can analyze your website traffic and help you determine which blog posts perform best, giving you valuable information that can guide your future content creation. Google Analytics is already doing this for free, friends. You should totally be signed up.
  5. Content ideas. Are you stuck on what post to write for IG, blog ideas, or what to put in a styling guide? AI can provide great suggestions and templates. Check out ChatGPT.

Cons of Using AI for SEO and Writing Blogs

  1. Lacking a brand voice and personalization: One of the most significant drawbacks of using AI for SEO and writing blogs is that it can lack the personal touch that makes your work unique. AI-generated content may not reflect your personality or style, making it difficult to connect with your audience. Personalization and brand voice are vital to building a strong online presence, and AI cannot offer the personalization you need (yet).
  2. Potential for Error: Another possible problem with using AI for SEO and writing blogs is that it can sometimes make mistakes. For example, AI may suggest keywords that are irrelevant to your work or generate content that doesn’t accurately reflect your message. While AI is a valuable tool, it is still young in its development. It may not consistently deliver the results you need.
  3. Dependence on Technology: Relying on AI for SEO and writing blogs can also lead to a reliance on technology. While AI can be a valuable tool, it’s important to remember that it’s not a substitute for your creativity and expertise. AI shouldn’t become an excuse not to learn a part of your business. Whether that’s SEO, writing structure or how your audience is looking for you.
  4. Plagiarism – Google hates plagiarism, and there isn’t a guarantee that what it’s writing for you it isn’t writing for someone else. Even if they promise.
  5. Good but not Good Enough – Will it write a good blog? Yes. Will it be optimized perfectly for SEO and competing in your local market? Not yet. If you want to compete for the top spot, this part is still on you.
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Best practices for using AI for SEO and Content

The benefits of AI are undeniable for sure. I’ve had fantastic luck with asking for blog topic ideas and even giving it very specific instructions and having it write a blog post. In fact, this post started as an AI blog. When writing about AI, it only seemed fitting to be using it.  

However, right now, where AI for SEO shines is filling in the gaps and giving us new ideas to write about or keywords to go after.  

Final thoughts on AI as a photographer myself

AI can be a helpful tool for photographers looking to improve their SEO and writing skills. However, remember that AI has its limitations and that personalization, accuracy, and creativity are crucial to success in these areas. As a photographer, your unique perspective and style set your work apart. Be bold and use AI to help you reach your goals, but remember to rely on your instincts, expertise, and creativity to guide your work. It also shouldn’t be an excuse not to learn something for yourself.

Think about AI like your friend who has pretty good general ideas about your business but doesn’t actually know what you do well. Sometimes you smile and nod and skip the suggestion your well-meaning friend offers, and other times it sparks a great idea in your business.

What are your thoughts on AI for SEO and contention creation? Drop a comment or send me an email

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