Maternity photo of belly and dad standing in Spokane, WA

4 Maternity Photo Ideas You’ll Want To Remember

January 8, 2023

Maternity photo of belly and dad standing in Spokane, WA

Pregnancy is a time of excitement and anticipation, and what better way to capture those memories than through a storytelling maternity photo shoot? Whether you prefer classic and timeless or bold and unique, you’ll want to keep a few maternity photo ideas in mind.

As a maternity photographer in Spokane, WA, sessions are always different. I firmly believe in shooting what enfolds in front of me, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few shots I look for every time I work with an expecting family. When I get the chance to celebrate pregnancy with photos to last a lifetime, below is what I look for at any session.

Maternity Photo Ideas Should Always Include the Classic Bump Shot

In my work, simpler is better, especially with maternity photos. Search “Maternity Photo Ideas” on Pinterest, and you will get some of the most elaborate and dreamy shots you could imagine.

However, don’t overlook the power and simplicity of a beautifully framed shot of a growing pregnant belly. It might be something that a client doesn’t know they need in the moment, but years down the line, these photos are the ones that I see on the wall or in albums.

Don’t forget to grab the belly from different angles. Straight on, to the side, and even from above.

Maternity Photos Ideas of Belly only in field in Spokane, WA

Incorporate hands on a pregnant belly

When thinking about maternity photo ideas, I’m sure Mom’s hands holding belly comes to mind. Which it should. AWESOME shot. But I’m talking about including other family members’ hands on the belly too.

The hands-on pregnant belly shot is more about showing the connection between all family members and the newest member yet to be born. Since everyone can’t hold hands and hug yet, this is the closest we can get.

Have older siblings lay their hands on belly along with other family members. This connection is so sweet, setting the stage for the relationships to come.

maternity photo ideas for hands on belly

Set aside the overly posed maternity photos for a moment and go casual

If you know my brand of work, you’ll know I lean heavily into the real stories of the everyday. I look to capture the moments we often don’t get the chance to soak up. My thoughts around maternity photo ideas have this same thread.

Sometimes the best photos are when everyone lets go and connects for a few moments, whether walking in a field with your dog or chatting with your toddler.

With a gentle prompt of “remember to keep a hand on the belly” or “stay close together,” and then I get out of a family’s way, magic can happen. These everyday moments become cherished memories you’ll want to hang on the wall.

Maternity photos in Spokane, WA

Include the dogs when you’re looking for maternity photos inspiration

When you think about maternity photography, consider including ALL the family members. Even the dogs. After all, I’m sure they were your first baby.

I include dogs the same way I do human siblings. I often try and get each dog individually with Mom, along with a shot of the baby bump and dog solo. This last one is a bit harder to get. Although, I always try to find a way to get the “siblings” altogether.

Are dogs your jam, too? I have an entire post devoted to this topic. You can read more about Maternity photos with Dogs here. Also, if you’re thinking about us working together, here is my shameless plea to please bring the dog.

Maternity Photo with Dogs

The best advice I can give anyone when it comes to Maternity Photo Ideas

Maternity photography doesn’t need to be about curating or creating something new; it’s about witnessing and honoring how this time looks and feels.

When you start thinking about your ideas for your session, think about the emotions or feelings you want to capture. When you lead with that question, the results will come out with memories, not simply photos.

I wish you the best in your maternity photography journey! If you’re located around Spokane, WA, look at my maternity and newborn photography work. We could have the chance to work together.

Just promise, you’ll bring the dog too!

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