Pet Portrait Rhodesian Ridgeback

Why Pet Photography Matters | Spokane Dog Photographer

July 14, 2020

Pet Portrait Rhodesian Ridgeback

This blog was initially intended as a guide, “How to Prep for your Pet Photography Session.” However, I found myself repeatedly facing an empty screen, a rarity for me given my usual wordiness, especially on topics such as our furry, feathery, or hooved friends. This sparked an epiphany. More than prepping you for a session, what truly matters is sharing the “why.” The reasoning behind my love for photographing animals and why pet photography is essential for all pets – dogs, cats, ducks, horses, you name it. It’s why I believe you should consider a photography session for your pet.

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Around age 14, my world revolved around my horse, Buster. He served as my bridge to photography. I was constantly capturing his moments, attempting to orchestrate his poses. Ever tried to pose a horse? If so, you’ll understand my mostly futile efforts. Despite the countless rolls of blurry photographs, I treasured each image. The game shifted entirely when I got my hands on a camera with a timer. Rushing to look natural after setting the timer resulted in photos that were laughably amazing in their own way. This was the begining of my understanding of the significance of pet photography.

Buster and I shared a love story for over a decade. Then, suddenly, he was gone. One day he was fine; the next we were driving to Washington State University, clinging to a sliver of hope they could save him. They couldn’t. My world shattered.

Why do I share this with you? Because Buster was the beginning of my story – a tale filled with radiant joy and an end that carved out a chunk of my heart. Those first pictures encapsulated our journey.

I have tasted both the elation of the first day and the sorrow of the first loss. From inception to conclusion, and every marvelous point in between, that was our tale.

I Don’t Photograph a Pet, I Capture a Connection

My approach to photography is rooted in capturing connection first and foremost. This rings true for families, children, and pets. Of course, I aim to provide a perfect portrait for your wall, but my primary objective is to narrate your unique story. The story you’re writing with your dog, horse, or maybe even your duck.

Boy and duck | Why Pet photography matters

I want your images to reflect all the zany quirks and nuances that compose your furry (or feathered) friend. Does your dog often pose, gazing into the horizon like a model from a dog food commercial? If yes, splendid. My job just got easier. But, if he’s anything but a “typical” model, that’s even better. I yearn to capture all the peculiarities and pandemonium that define your pet.

No two animals are the same, and the bond we share with each is even more distinctive. I enter every photo shoot prepared to learn about your four-legged friend, aiming to deliver you something as unique as your narrative.

But My Dog is TOO Crazy for a Pet Session, You Say

Pet Photography Dog Portrait Spokane

I hear your concerns, and I get it. I share my home with one such bundle of fur too!

Before any photo shoot, I take the time to get to know your pet and address any worries you might have. This helps us pick the perfect environment for the session.

More often than not, a park is an excellent choice. Dogs will be dogs. That includes barking, jumping, pant

Consider Being in the Photo Too

Your pet is one half of your story, and I can absolutely tell a lot of that story with only them. However, I want you to consider being in a photo or two or 20 as well. You don’t have to put them on social media, and I won’t share them, but I hope you consider taking part.

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Something as simple as catching them staring at you, an image of you running down the trail with them by your side, lying at your feet, or simply a touch on the head speaks volumes to your story. I sincerely hope you consider taking part.

When an animal enters our life, they begin to change our story with a connection beyond words. What would it look like if I could capture that for you?

…and what if we can put that story into a photobook or series of images to hang on the wall? A way to help continue on with this story long after they cross the rainbow bridge.

Dog Pet Portrait with Newborn Baby Spokane

I hope I’ve made my case why pet photography matters

I always say take the photos today you want to have tomorrow. This sentiment started from my connection with animals and the deep understanding of love and loss that accompanies them.

My hope is that this post will encourage you to document your story; However, that looks. If you’re interested in finding out more about a pet session with me, you can contact me here or drop me an email at

Dog Portrait Ridgeback Puppy and Child - Why Pet Photography Matters

If you have a favorite pet memory, please share it here. I love connecting with people over animals. It’s kind of my jam.

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