winter family photograph spokane wa with dog

Winter Family Photos – Embracing Spokane’s Frosty Charm

December 2, 2023

winter family photograph spokane wa with dog

Do you live somewhere like me… where winter brings snow and freezing temps? Well, get ready to bundle up and have some fun with winter family photos. Photo season is not just the Fall in the Inland NW and I want to show you that the coldest season has its own charm.

Picture this: your family, laughing and playing together, surrounded by a winter wonderland of snow and sparkling trees. Hopefully, your dog is there, too, adding to the chaos. Cold and snow shouldn’t deter you from a family session. Because maybe a winter photo shoot is exactly what your family needs this year.

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Why Winter is a Wonderland for Family Photos

December-February in Spokane (the entire Inland NW) transforms the ordinary into something extraordinary. Bowl and Pitcher in Riverside State Park takes on an entirely new vibe once the trees start freezing and the rushing river offsets this stillness. It’s not just about the cold but the serene beauty and the quiet moments it brings.

Winter family photos capture more than just a season; they show the spirit of your family—adventurous, loving, and connected. It’s about celebrating your family’s journey in a backdrop that’s as magical and adventurous as you are. In these colder months, the world slows down a bit, allowing us to focus on the simple yet profound joy of being together.

The white, frosty canvas of the Inland NW serves as the perfect stage to highlight the spirit of your family. It’s a time when even the most routine activities can become memorable experiences captured forever through the lens.

winter family photos spokane, wa

Picking the Perfect Snowy Spot for Your Family’s Tale

Choosing the right winter setting in Spokane is critical for creating memorable family photographs.  It can make the difference from drab and dreary to frozen and magical. Whether it’s the silence of a snow-covered forest or the new look your favorite landmark takes on in the winter, the location should feel like a natural extension of your family’s narrative.

It’s about finding a spot that resonates with your family’s style and spirit—a place where every member, furry ones included, can express their joy and where the natural surroundings beautifully frame your unique story.

Poses and Prompts in Winter Photos

Let’s be real; what works in a sunny summer session at the river will not work now. Forget about traditional posing; think of spontaneous snowball fights, building a snowman together, or simply walking hand in hand through the snow. These activities aren’t just fun; they bring out natural smiles and laughter, making for deeply authentic photographs.

In these moments, it’s the unguarded laughter, the spontaneous snowy hug from your child, zoomies from your dog in the snow, and the experience of being together that we’re looking to capture. These are the photographs that truly resonate; they’re the ones that you’ll look back on and remember not just how you all looked, but how you felt in that very moment – connected, happy, and part of a beautiful winter story.

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The Ultimate Checklist for Your Winter Photo Adventure

  • Layer Up for Warmth and Style: Don’t plan on taking off jackets for photos, but wear winter clothes you’re happy to have photographed.  
  • Pocket Warmers: Essential for keeping hands warm between photos. You can also slip these in your shoes.
  • Hot Drinks: A thermos of hot chocolate can add warmth and a prop for candid shots.
  • Waterproof Blanket: Perfect to toss down in the snow for a few photos
  • Lip Balm: Keep your smiles bright and lips protected in the cold air. It also helps prevent your lips from looking white and chapped in closeups.
  • Preparing Your Dog: Consider pet sweaters and Musher’s Paste for their paws.
  • Colorful Accessories: Scarves and hats that add a pop of color and texture. Color photographs so well in the contrast of winter.

Dogs in Winter Wonderland

Including your pets in winter family photography isn’t just adorable; it’s essential to tell your family’s full story. Dogs, in particular, can add a lively and impactful element to your winter photos. The joy of a dog playing in the snow or snuggling up with the family creates not just a picture but a memory full of emotion and connection.

When preparing for a winter session with pets, paying extra attention to their comfort is important. Make sure they are well-protected against the cold – Mushers Paste or any wax will help their feet, and if they need it, try a dog sweater. Keep the session playful and stress-free for them. After all, these photos are as much about capturing their personality and place in your family as they are about the human members.

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Your Family’s Winter Story Awaits

In Spokane, winter provides a unique, enchanting setting for family photography. It’s a time to celebrate your family’s unique story against the backdrop of a winter wonderland not fear the cold. With these tips and ideas, you’re all set for a photography session that captures the essence of your family’s joy and connection in the beautiful winter season. Reach out, and let’s plan a winter photo session that perfectly captures your family.

If you’ve made it through this whole post and you’re still thinking, “MB, winter just isn’t for me” it’s OK.  Read this blog on choosing the best month for your family photos. Maybe you’ll find March or August is more your vibe.



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Life’s biggest adventures in modern photos co-crafted with you. Spokane Photographer | Serving the Pacific Northwest

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