what blogs should I write

What Should I Blog About? 3 Areas for Photographers to Think About

May 8, 2022

what blogs should I write

Blogging is critical for photographers. Everyone should be blogging for SEO. Blog weekly! You’ve all heard this, right? But I bet at one point you’ve asked, “Sure, but what should I blog about?” Let me tell you how I start thinking about ideas to most effectively blog from one photographer to another.

If you’re totally new to blogging, I recommend checking out this post where I interview master blogger Neysaa Lee and talk all about the foundations of blogging.

As photographers, images are our forte, and words sometimes take a back seat. So, when we feel the pressure to blog, it often comes with many questions. I’ve found it helpful to think about blogs following into three main categories.

#1 When you ask what should I blog about, think first about SEO for your website

Blogs are a fantastic way to support your existing SEO strategy on your website. Every main page of your website should have a keyword goal like newborn photography Spokane or family photography Missoula. If you haven’t set up a keyword plan, I go over it here – Keyword planning for photographers.

Pick a page on your website and think of related topics that will support that page. If I was going to work around Newborn Photography Missoula, I might blog about Props at newborn sessions or dressing a baby for a newborn session. Don’t forget to link from your blog post to your newborn photography page.

Tip – Remember you aren’t trying to compete with yourself, so don’t write a blog titled Missoula Newborn Photography. Think about related keywords that support your website.

#2 Blog to answer your clients’ questions and blog about any information you routinely share

Your clients are already giving you the best ideas to blog about. Things like what to wear, how a session flows, what if it rains, and the best time of day for photos are all great questions to answer in a blog.

Make a note of things you frequently get asked and answer them in a blog post. Anytime you can direct clients to your website to read an answer, your SEO will thank you.

I’ll even put my cancellation policy in a blog. Now it’s clearly not ranking me high for SEO, but it does help overall anytime someone takes 5 minutes to read it.

Blogging Ideas for Photographers

#3 Blog to share what’s on your heart

I know I’ve said before, don’t ever blog to blog. You need to have an intent behind posting content.
BUT it is ok to intentionally simply share something you feel called to write. Chances are it will probably resonate with a few of your clients too.

You could write a personal blog sharing some life updates, your favorite hiking trails, or 600 words on why your dog rocks (I’ve done that one).

The point is to be aware of what you are writing and why. I think it’s important to toss in those things that we really enjoy in the mix.

Final Thoughts On Blogging

To sum this up, you should be blogging about things that support your SEO, answers to clients’ frequent questions and anything on your heart to share with your audience.

When I start splitting my blogs into those three groups, I find it easy to pick at least one topic per category that month to start typing about.

What to blog about graph

I hope you found this helpful!

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Life’s biggest adventures in modern photos co-crafted with you. Spokane Photographer | Serving the Pacific Northwest

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