Princess Photo Shoot

A Princess Photoshoot | Child Photography Inspiration

May 6, 2021

Princess Photo Shoot

I took a massive leap out of my comfort zone recently and had the chance to put together a session for a princess. I know, I know. If you’ve watched my blog, you think it’s a bit of a divergence from my usual dog-friendly, trail-loving work. However, I don’t think it is. I’m all about living your authentic, unscripted life and celebrating the heck out of it. Sometimes that’s with dirt under your feet on the trail, and other times it is dusting off your tiara for a princess photoshoot.

Princess Photo Shoot

Setting up the Photo Session

The photoshoot itself was simple. We shot inside with a pink backdrop, a bunch of natural light, and the occasional off-camera light to fill in the gaps. The inspiration for the shoot, and most creative direction, came from the young lady in the pink dress. She chose her dress, hair, and even the backdrop.

What really brought this shoot to life was the playlist requested. This young lady rocked out to everything from Zombie’s Soundtrack (I learned this was like Disney Punk Rock) to the classics like Tchaikovsky.

Mom and Daughter Princess Photoshoot

Don’t worry; Mom got to dress up too. To make this day complete, this Princess wanted her Mom to play along as well. So, Mom got a matching dress, and they twirled around together. I’m not sure Mom was a fan of pink dresses. However, she rocked it with pride for her daughter this particular afternoon.

If there was ever a session that spoke to the special bond a Mom can have with her daughter, it was this. Seeing the love, fun, and joy between the two of them made this an unforgettable day for me to document. Kids are only this age once, and what better way to honor this time than to live fully in the moment with them.

Our Session ended as fun as it started

All good things must come to an end, and this session wasn’t an exception. However, after we put the dresses away, some serious “Head Banging” style rock moments happened before officially wrapping it up. Good thing I hadn’t packed up my gear yet.

This photography session was anything but dull. In fact, we were all dancing at the end of it.

Child Portrait Dancing

When thinking about a family photography session, it’s always important to consider all the dreams your littles have at that moment. How can you think outside of the box to create memories you really will want to hang on your wall forever?

If you’re ready to put together a session that embraces exactly how childhood looks for your family, you can get in touch with me here.

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