Rainbow in window

COVID-19 Response and Safety

July 2, 2020

Rainbow in window

Capturing relationships and connections are at that core of why I picked up a camera, so my heart is happy to get to connect again as restrictions are starting to lift. But at the same time, I’m deeply mindful of the safety of others and ensuring we continue to be responsible as we move forward in reopening.

My sessions and style solely focus on capturing genuine connections between people and even pets while creating a relaxed environment for everyone. It’s important to me that this focus doesn’t change. However, I do need to respect this new environment and want to ensure you of my commitment to everyone’s safety.

Here is how your photography session might be adjusting

  • We meet in an outdoor setting, not in a studio.  
  • I will only be taking one client per day to allow for adequate time to clean equipment and limit my exposure.
  • Anytime I’m within 6′ of your family I will be wearing a mask
  • For any guidance with poses, I will be giving verbal direction only.  

I want to add that my family has been consistently socially isolating and taking all of the recommended precautions in our personal life as well as when I conduct business. Friends, I’m READY to get back and connect with people, but I want you to feel comfortable and know that as your photographer, I’m taking as many precautions as possible at work and at home to stay in good health.

Handling COVID related photography cancellations

  • If you become exposed to someone that has tested postive, shows signs of COVID-19 or someone in your home is feeling ill, please reach out and we can reschedule your session.
  • All deposits are 100% refundable up to the moment you get out of the car for anything health-related.
  • If at any time I become ill, exposed to someone who has tested positive, or someone in my household is not feeling well, I will reschedule the session.
Image from 15′ away

Outdoor family sessions can take place in low traffic, public areas making these a good option in our new socially distant environment. Another option to consider is a “Porch Session.” These have been pretty popular across the country as photography opens back up. The best part about these sessions, you never leave home. We can do them on your patio, deck, or yard. I’ll meet you at your home with a telephoto lens that will allow me to capture “close” pictures while maintaining a lot of distance.

On a personal note, I want to say I see you, friend. The struggle with wearing masks, having kids at home, working from, not working any longer, being an essential worker, maintaining your mental health, and supporting others. The struggle is real, and at times this is pretty heavy. Keep going. We’ve got this.

Please send me an email if there is a way I can help you right now—photography related or not. Times are tough; we are tougher.

Hug your dog, play another round of monopoly with your kid, go for a hike, or sit in the yard today and breath the fresh air. I hope to see you from behind the camera soon!



Life’s biggest adventures in modern photos co-crafted with you. Spokane Photographer | Serving the Pacific Northwest

Life’s biggest adventures in modern photos co-crafted with you. Spokane Photographer | Serving the Pacific Northwest

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