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What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization Through The Photography Lens

April 27, 2023

SEO for photographers what it is and why you need it blog banner

Hey there, photographers! Put down those cameras for a minute and grab a cup of coffee or tea. We’re going to dive into the world of SEO. More specifically, what is SEO, where has it been, and where it’s heading. As an SEO consultant and photographer, I know the impact this can have on your brand.

Now, please don’t give me that deer-in-the-headlights look. You’re a photographer; you know all about capturing that perfect shot. Well, SEO is just like that, only it’s capturing the perfect online presence for your business. So, sit back, relax, and let’s explore the past, present, and future of SEO in terms that will make sense to you and hopefully inspires you to learn more about SEO and your online presence.

What is SEO, and why should you care?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the art of making your website more visible to search engines like Google, so when people are searching for “best wedding photographer in [your city]” or “most awesome dog photographer,” your website pops up like a perfectly orchestrated golden hour shot.  

Simply put, it’s about positioning your website at the top of the search results. This ranking will result in more clicks, clients, and income. Think of it like figuring out where to position your subject in the perfect light to grab that epic shot.

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A trip down memory lane – the past of SEO

Back in the days of dial-up internet (remember that screeching sound?), SEO was like a Wild West, where keyword stuffing and spammy backlinks ruled the land. People would cram as many keywords into their website as possible, making it read like a toddler’s first attempt at writing a novel. It wasn’t pretty, but it worked – until search engines got smarter.

What Google looks at today – the present of SEO

Today, Google and other search engines are like supermodels, picky and hard to please. Your website needs to be both user-friendly and search-engine-friendly. It’s about creating high-quality content that’s engaging, informative, and – yes – sprinkled with the right keywords.

Consider current SEO, like finding the perfect balance between aperture, shutter speed, and ISO to get that stunning photo. If your shutter is too low, your ISO is too high, or your aperture is too wide, you might miss capturing the moment. 

The same goes for SEO and your website.

Some key elements of current SEO include:

  • Mobile-friendliness: Because who isn’t scrolling through their phone while waiting in line for coffee these days?
  • Page speed: Nobody likes waiting for a page to load, especially Google. Sluggish pages are something photographers as a whole are guilty of when we load our sites with HUGE images.
  • Backlinks: Think of these as referrals from other websites, back to yours. Think about how much more likely you are to use a service if you’re best friend refers to you. Google is the same way.
  • Social media: Your new best friends are Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. They’re like the entourage that follows you around, directing people to your site and boosting your credibility.

A glimpse into the crystal ball – What is the future of SEO

The future of SEO is like the next big trend in photography – it’s constantly evolving. In the coming years, we’ll see a shift toward voice search, AI use for content creation, and an even greater emphasis on user experience. It’s like when you swapped out your old-school film camera for a shiny new digital one – it’s time to adapt and embrace the change. Because friends, it’s here.

You can read more about my thoughts on AI in your photography business here.

To stay ahead of the game, make sure you:

  • Optimize your website for voice search by including conversational keywords and phrases.
  • Focus on creating content that answers user questions and provides value, like a blog post on “how to pose for engagement photos.” Or “preparing your home for a photoshoot”
  • Use keyphrases and words that your client would use, not another photographer
  • Keep an eye on new technologies and trends that can help you stand out in the crowded world of online photography.

What’s next for you and SEO

And there you have it – a crash course in what in the heck is SEO. Not just what it means but a little SEO 101 to get your feet wet.

But where do you go next? Here are three ways to level up your SEO game.

  1. Read the Keyphrase Planning for Photographers article to get started with your site
  2. Download a free SEO Starter Kit
  3. If you want more 1:1 Help, head to my consulting page

However, whatever you choose next, I hope it involves a little more SEO. Your work is waiting to be seen by the right people online.

  1. Marlo Moody says:

    I’m reading this on my phone and desperately need a pencil to make notes! Thank you for caring about the photography industry and helping so many photographers grow!! I’m coming back to this blog this weekend.

  2. Kelly Bucklen says:

    Absolutely love all of the information here! Can’t wait to start better keyword planning.

  3. Neyssa says:

    So many great analogies to make it easier for photographers to understand. You are so full of amazing information.

  4. Becky says:

    This is so interesting. I never thought about voice search! Thanks for all the helpful SEO information!

  5. Thanks for sharing MB. Such an important topic for us. Easily overlooked!

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